The Rise Of The Feudal States

By: Audrey Samaras and KK Moe

EQ- How did society change with Charlemagne as holy Roman emperor?

Society was more secure and stable. The army was good so the people were protected. It was hectic at one point thought because he tried to unite everyone. Which didn't work out as well because everyone had different religions.

The Franks

-First royal house of France.

-Established 2 dynasties.

-Invaded Western Roman empire.

-Controlled modern day France Belgium and western Germany.

-Created the most powerful Christian kingdom of early mid evil Western Europe.

-Came into history 3rd century CE.

-Started at the base of the Rhine river.

Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor

- Born around 747 and died on January 28, 814.

- Son of Pippin the Short.

- Known as Charles the Great.

- When his brother Carloman, died in 771, he took over the Frankish realm.

- By Frankish tradition, known as warrior king.

- His Merovingian predecessors were good conquerors, but it resulted in having a kingdom of a lot of diversity. Which made rule for him very difficult.

- Goal was to unite all Germanic people into one kingdom, and for everyone's religion to be Christianity.

- A major conquest was the conquest of the Saxons in 772, which lasted more than 30 years.

- Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne emperor of the Romans.

- Also was the Carolingian king.

- Many victories.

- Crowned his son, Louis I, emperor in 813.

- Died in 814.

Why the feudal states emerged:

After the Roman Empire fell, the states wanted to become independent. In order to get land, the king gave it to the nobles in return for service in the military. That's how they ladies a debt to the king/ rulers of the land.

Effects of barbarian invasion on Europe:

Who- The western barbarians were mostly Germans and Scandinavians and the eastern barbarian tribe the goths. Barbarians mostly In all surrounding countries.

What- Barbarians were invading the Roman Empire.

When- 247ad/251ad.

Where-Western Roman Empire and was between the Romans and the western Germanic and eastern Germanic tribes.

Why- To gain control of land.


- Started about in 200 CE.

- Germanic tribe from northern Germany.

- Very successful people.

- Became one of the most powerful Germanic people.

- Others feared them.

- Fought against the Franks, used to be allies.

- Romans knew them as pirates.

- Attacked along the east coast of Britain.

- In 410 they had a major attack on Britain, Roman emperor could do little about.

- Was allies with Angles, Jutes, Franks, and others.

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-Feudalism first forms in Frankish lands in 9th and 10th centuries.

-Went France to Spain, Italy, and later Germany and Eastern Europe.

-Adopted by many Scandinavian countries.

-Feudalism was imposed by William the conqueror.

-Extended eastward into Slavic lands.

-Part of the holy Roman Church.