The Gilded Age

Jenna Olson


J. Piermot Morgan

Who: J. Piermot Morgan was a great successful banker dominated corporate finance and industrie consolidation during his time. He helped a lot in the industry business. He would buy over industries and make them become a bigger company.

What: During the Gilded Age he arranged merges between industries of great inventions. He would change business names and make then a lot bigger.

When: J.P. Morgan was born on April 17th 1837. He died on March 31st 1913. He was alive and was a big part of the gilded age.

Where: He was born in Connecticut Massachusetts and died in Rome Italy. He worked in America during his career in the gilded age.

Why: it is important to know about J.P. Morgan because he has effected us with the growth and wealth of industry's.

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Alexander Graham Bell

Who: Alexander was a inventor of the telephone. He has became very well known for his invention.

What: during the gilded age he changed communication throughout the entire world. He made a way to communicate without being face-to-face.

When: Alexander was born on March 3 1847. He died on August 2 1922. He lived during the gilded age and made a big impact on it.

Where: a lot of people have a telephone now so he has changed history all over the world. He invented a telephone and it has evolved a lot since then.

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Haymarket Riot

Who: it was a violent confrontation between police and the labour protesters.

What: it was the after math of a bombing that had taken place in a labor demonstration.

Where: Haymarket square, Chicago was the place of the affair.

When: Tuesday, May 4th 1886 at Haymarket square, Chicago.

Why: Haymarket Riot is often considered significant because the origin of international May Day is meant for workers in america.

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Union Pacific

Who: Abraham Lincoln founded the industry. About 45,700 employees work at the Union Pacific today.

What: the Union Pacific is a class 1 line freight haul throughout the United States of America. It uses rails to transport.

Where: the headquarters for the Union Pacific is located in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

when: it was started in 1862 and it is still in business today in America. It is a growing industry and is getting bigger every year.

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