Michael Jackson

king of the pop

King of pop was one person that changed music and his death devastated the world michael jackson


Michael jackson had a wife son and son but him and his wife got diversed in 9 months so basicly right when the kids were born. They got a divorc and he was not a vere good father one time in germany he hang his chiled over the railing of a building.

He first started his sining in 1954 becuase of the five a baned the he was in at the age of five so he started prety early and he loved to talk and play with kids.He was not a vrey good father when he did not make the right choices but when he did he was a good father.


1970 No. 1 Hits
Jackson made history with his brothers in the Jackson 5 when they became the first group in pop history to have their first four singles hit No 1

1982 Thriller Is Released

Following the release of his 1979 hit album Off The Wall Jackson released Thriller on Nov 30 1982 Both albums were inducted into the grammy hall of fame in 2008

1983 The Moonwalk
Jackson debuted what would become his signature dance move the moonwalk during a performance ofBillie Jean on the May 16 1983

and many more of them

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in flunces

He was infuiced by Walt disniy, James brown,Charli champln,Nipsey russll,Redd foxx

and many others. The people that he influnced was Dion,Gaga,Beyoncé,Paul Buck-Pool and alot more of them. He relly helped alot of people with his music gave them the bost they needed