Books Are Amazing

We have an idea that could be a awesome gift for your child!


Kids completed a survey on what books should go in our library,and we want you grown ups to help us! Adopt-a-book is a way to grow our library with new and interesting books that your child will love! Suprise your little bookworm with a brand-new book that they will be the first one to read. We will also hold a reception that will celebrate those who adopted a book. Remember, your child will not be able to keep the book. It will be placed on the Lincoln Elementary shelves for all Lincoln students to enjoy.


Friday, March 6th, 8am

601 John J Johnson Ave

Franklin, KY

Usually, most people adopt-a-book for their child, but you don't have to adopt-a-book for just your child. You can adopt-a-book for a loved one, in memorial of someone, or even your own valentine!