My Experience

The committee I am in was to support women and men joining together in the armed forces. On both the Republican and Democratic side we agreed that women would be integrated to be equal. But we did come across the problem of women not being able to perform the same tasks as quickly so we decided that there needed to be a learning period were the women would learn just as the men but at a little slower rate. You will be getting the same punishment if you are a women as if you are a male if you do something to harm another or anything else in that situation. We also talked about how when the time came if it was war time then the women would have to take the skills test then and everyone would be integrated to battle.

My floor action first bill

While listening to what everyone has to say I did not support the first bill. This is because I don’t think there is a need to make sure everyone has to take this test before they get their diploma. Obviously if you are doing good in school you aren’t going to need to take it. This should be based on if you pass so many classes and if you have so many credits not based on a test. There are people out there that can’t take tests very well and maybe they will never pass it so they won’t be able to have the opportunities of college like everyone else. Saying this is taking peoples rights away to attend a college.

Second Bill

I still did not speak but listening in on what others had to say about it really made me make my mind up on voting no. This is because our state is supporting on exporting goods and if we can’t do that because of the fact that others don’t want to used recycled goods then our income will go way down for our state. Yes it wouldn't be that hard to transfer over but using those types of material usually cost more.

Third Bill

This was the bill that I was in the committee so yes I supported it. This is because

women should have the same experience than men do in the battlefield. They shouldn’t be held back because of their sex.