The Victorian Era

By: Ashley Kelly & Brittany Welch


  • During the Victorian ages, education was not a big concern
  • Women did not receive an education because they were expected to get married
  • There were many different types of schools such as public, parish, church, Jew free, and universities
  • Before men started working they took on apprenticeship


  • The Victorian era was from 1837-1901
  • The women were stay at home moms. They cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children
  • Britain was the most powerful place in the nation
  • Queen Victoria reigned for over 60 years

The Victorian Era

Victorian Children

Rich vs. Poor

There was much change for Victorian children. The rich Victorian children, always had to be proper and confident. They could never be actual kids. Many of them experience boredom. The poor Victorian children had to work, and didn't have many toys. But poor families had a more loving and secure family lifestyle.