Digital Participation Unit Capstone

Partipcating Safely in the Online Environment -Alan Hendrick

Unit 1 Capstone of My GAVS Tool Experience

Summary of Digital Participation Unit:

This unit challenged to explore many facets of participating in the digital community including good digital citizenship, digital safety, choosing and joining a reputable digital learning community (DLC), listing and mapping reputable digital resources, and digital manners also known as “Netiqette.” I also learned about Digital law, rights, and responsibilities in this unit. This was a new topic for me, and I gained much information by completing the related quest.

One of my favorite activities from this unit was creating the Consequences of Digital Law Video. Click this link to view it: Consequences of Digital Law

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Unit 1 Links:

Participate 1.1.1 Character Traits

Participate 1.1.2 Reputable Digital Communities

Participate 1.1.3 Joining a DLC

Participate 1.1.4 Ideal Digital Learning Community

Participate 2.1.1 Selecting Reputable Digital Resources

Participate 2.1.2. Collecting Reputable Digital Resources

Participate 2.1.3 Mapping a Professional Learning Network

Participate 3.1.1 Access to the Digital Community

Participate 3.1.2 Digital Resources and Netiquette

Participate 3.1.3. Digital Law

Participate 4.1.1. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Participate 4.1.3. Digital Health