The Homeless People are in Trouble

By: Haylee Peel


Cindy Ward, one of four licensed social workers at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services, estimates that of the homeless patients that visit the hospital, more than 80 percent of them suffer from mental illness, a substance abuse issue or both. Those kinds of problems lead people to become isolated. The lack of interaction between different groups of our society, combined with inaccurate descriptions of homelessness caused by the media and public officials, contributes to a pushing away of those who have housing from those who do not. As a result, homelessness is perceived as an social problem. Those who experience homelessness are seen as the sources of their own misfortunes, that give rise to homelessness are then too easily ignored.Since when did life's struggles become so offensive? We can help Homeless people with there health issues. We may not be able to stop the poverty issue of it but we can offer the opportunity for healthcare in nontraditional areas.

Taking Action

There are many ways we can provide to the homeless

- We can have more homeless shelters

- Provide food to them

- Donate money

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