It's Not Confusing- Be Confucian!

Enjoy all the modern conveniences of society in Han China!

Why come to China?

Han China is not your grandaddy's nomadic tribe! Full of city wells, clean plumbing, and massive cities, the Han Empire is one of the largest, most enduring, and richest nations in the whole world! Our pitch is simple. Just combine Confucian values with a meritocracy and an Imperial office authorized by The Mandate of Heaven and voila! You get one heck of a civilization.
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This Could Be Yours! (If you work the Corvee ;)

Not Convinced?

If our economic, political, and religious facts didn't impress you, then our social mobility policy surely will! Why be a slave to the Indian caste system, when you can rise from pauper to philosopher in Han China? That's right my fellow nomads, with a bit of proper education and some good, common ¨know how¨ you can graduate from the National University! There, Confucian professors will empower you to pass the Han Civil Service Exam and be elected governor of one of the emperor's very own territories. Times have never looked better. And what's more? You can study the achievements of many Han scholars. Find your own harmony with the Tao! Understand your relationship with the writings of Confucius! Grow your ¨perfect crop¨ with our modern sowing tools complete with genuine wood handles! The possibilities are endless.

Han China is Da Bomb

Imperial Officer of the Heavenly Appointed, Holy, All Powerful, Totally Not Mean, Cool Imperial Emperor

For more information about Han China come visit us! Travel down the Silk Road so you won't be eaten by Mongolian cannibals. Just knock at one of our great walls, and a friendly soldier will be sure to let you in if he doesn't mistake you for an uncivilized brute (in which case you will surely die). If you can't make the decade-long round trip, please feel free to call us via messenger hawks or horses.