February 2016

HARK! Heartfelt Acts of Random Kindness

Next week all GT students will be sharing their random acts of kindness on post-it notes for the KHES or WSES poster. All random acts of kindness between now and their class next week can be included. Here are some definitions from my students:

~ Heartfelt - from the heart, with love, with feeling, warm fuzzies

~ Random - unplanned, not with everyone, spontaneous, not something you're told to do

~ Acts - things you do, things that take energy

~ Kindness - doing something nice, considerate, making other people happy, helping

Try to help your student write down his or her acts of kindness over the next several days. And of course, your example of kind acts always make a positive impression.

HARK! Video - Abby Pays it Forward

This is SO HARD and I LOVE IT!

Fourth graders didn't quite believe me when I told them their brains would hurt with our bridge building project. It's so exciting observing their engagement in this very challenging activity. (Plus its fun being The Dude who operates the Excel Warehouse Lumber Company.) The OSHA Inspector has assessed one fine already, but this adorable stuffed animal is so cute, nobody minds writing the check for the fine. Wait until they meet the building inspector, who waits until the building plans are purr-fect before approving them. Pictures coming in the next newsletter...

Brainfocals and Inventions

First graders wrap up their Inventive Thinking unit with fellow inventor Isabel, by creating models of new products using supplies in the classroom, and designing creative drawings from unique symbols, lines, numbers, etc. What would you create from the number 6?


Keller ISD Parent Technology and Learning Night ~ Feb. 16th

Join Keller ISD's Technology Department and Curriculum and Instruction Department for a District-wide Parent Technology and Learning Night from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 16, Central High School.

The event will be come-and-go and will feature tables and booths where visitors can collect information about the digital tools being used in Keller ISD. Featured tables included:

  • New Keller ISD Campus Websites
  • Canvas
  • Home Access Center
  • Online Textbooks
  • Coding
  • Plus many more!

Keller ISD Film Festival Needs Entries!

As always, if you have questions, please email me.

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