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Dulles High School-550 Dulles Ave.-Sugar Land, TX - 09.25.20

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For our students who are returning to Dulles HS, be it for our full time face-to-face learning or for our online learners returning to campus to participate in their extracurricular activities, I wanted share expectations and information. Several pieces you need to know:


  • All students must go through the proper screening process each morning, which includes a parent completing the Skyward daily screener before coming to school each day. Students who arrive without the screener filled out will not be allowed in the building until the form is complete. Please begin planning to make this a part of your morning routine. More information to come.

  • IMPORTANT: The building will not be open to students until 7 AM. In addition to the Skyward daily wellness screener, students will also go through a daily contactless temperature check with one of our designated wellness monitors at the designated student entrances. This process will not begin until 7 AM. Any student who arrived early and would previously come inside and hang out in the common areas will no longer have this option. Students will remain outside until the time we are ready to properly screen. We are unable to monitor students who are here prior to 7 am so please help us prevent breaches in social distancing by dropping your child off at the appropriate time for them to enter the building.

  • If your child exhibits any symptoms related to COVID such as fever of 100.0 degrees or higher, loss of taste or smell, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, headache, chills, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, significant muscle pain or ache, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, they need to remain at home. You will want to communicate with our attendance office by emailing at: attendancedhs@fortbendisd.com for any absence your child has.

  • Speak with your student and remind them of the seriousness of this situation. Every COVID-19 symptom and every COVID-19 report will be investigated thoroughly by our nurses, wellness monitors and COVID-19 Contact Tracing team.


  • Masks are required at Dulles HS/FBISD. Parents, please be sure your student has a mask and understands how to properly wear it. Masks must cover both the mouth and nose.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle to school each day. Our water fountains (except for the bottle filler section) are unusable.

  • Consider sending your student with personal hand sanitizer. Each classroom will be outfitted with hand sanitizer, but it is always a good idea to have your own available.

  • If your student uses a textbook or other supplies for class, they should bring them to campus. This limits the use of shared items among students.

  • Make sure your child brings their own device and charger. If you have a battery back-up they may want to bring it. We continue to rely on schoology for most of our work. This allows us to pivot to online much more easily should we have to do so. We have checked out campus devices to students and are unable to supply them. It is also safer for students to use their personal device.

  • Lockers are not being issued. Students are encouraged to consider a backpack.

  • Lunch will look very different than it has in prior years. It will be highly structured in order to ensure social distancing and other safety measures are in place. We will offer a very limited supply of prepackaged food items for both breakfast and lunch. Those who elect to bring their own lunches should plan ahead; microwaves will not be available as sanitization of the appliances is difficult to ensure.

Preparing Students to Return to School

With the implementation of new health and safety protocols on all FBISD campuses, parents should start now to prepare their students for the return to in-school instruction. We have included useful guides that may be helpful to families, the “10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School” one-pager, and an educational video PSA targeted to elementary students to help start the conversation about COVID-19 precautions being taken at your school. The health and safety of our FBISD students and families remain to be our highest priority. For more information on how the district is fulfilling our mission during the COVID-19 Pandemic go to www.fortbendisd.com/reimagined.

Links: https://youtu.be/xqho-psZakk



Due to social distance guidelines, FBISD volleyball games will only allow 1 adult ticket per athlete for spectators. This ticket may NOT be purchased by a student. Students will not be allowed to attend volleyball games at this time.

Dulles High School Letter Jacket Sizing Wednesday, Oct. 7 (starting at only $36)

Wednesday, Oct. 7

3-6 pm


Dear Lettermen,

Dilly Letter Jackets will be on Campus Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 3-6pm in the Cafeteria. DLJ will be practicing Social Distancing as we help you create and design a memory of a lifetime. If you missed us in the Spring of 2020 or you are a new Letterman for Fall of 2020, we congratulate you on a long-awaited accomplishment. Attached in the email you will find a digital catalog, price sheet, order form and a sizing chart. We will be on campus to help you fill out all information. We will have jacket sizers for you to try on or provide the use of a disposable tape measure if you feel more comfortable. Social Distancing will be a high priority for the sizing and design process. Our trained office personnel will be there to assist through the whole process. Payment will be taken on the order day or you will be granted a 7-day window to pay for all additional personalization. FBISD will be paying for your letter only. All personalization will be the responsibility of the Lettermen. If you have any questions, please reach out Dilly Letter Jackets @ 713.334.3232


Dulles High School Laptop Distribution

Dulles High School will continue laptop distribution for Dulles High School students.

If a student received a laptop/device last spring, they may continue to use that device.

· There will not be a charge for laptops.

· Parents must complete the Skyward form (“Lending Library Technology Use Form” and the “Lending Library Parent Agreement Form) Form” electing to use one of the Lending Library Device (LLD) from the campus for each Dulles High School student.

· Laptops will only be issued for Dulles High School students.

Who can pick up a device:

- Skyward verified guardian with Photo ID

- Skyward verified Emergency Contact with Photo ID

- Student with a current photo ID (Current School ID is acceptable)

*Procedures for Device Pickup:

1. Complete Lending Library Device Request form in Skyward

2. Complete the online form to request a device


3. You will be contact ed via email to schedule a pickup time.

4. Devices will be picked up at the front entrance.


If your student has not filled out the textbook request form, or they have not received their book, please visit the DHS website to complete the textbook request form at https://www.fortbendisd.com/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&ModuleInstanceID=263164&ViewID=7b97f7ed-8e5e-4120-848f-a8b4987d588f&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=162813&PageID=130890


If you child checked out books from 2019-2020 and did not return them, they will need to bring those textbooks to return during textbook pick-up. We will not issue textbooks to students who have outstanding books. Those books will need to either be returned, or the fine reconciled. Please contact jeanette.croom@fortbendisd.com to arrange payment of the book.

Tips for Using FBISD Online Tools

With our new 1Link hub and ease of access to many resources, your user experience may feel like this sometimes.... Tab, after tab, after tab …

Here are a few reminders for maintaining maximum browser efficiency in our FBISD digital environment.

Minimize the number of tabs you have open at any given time.

Before you close a tab, be sure to LOG OUT if it is a resource. Some resources keep running in the background if you do not log out properly. This can impact your browser speediness. Users should log out of 1Link, Schoology, and other key resources after each session (class period). This helps keep each resource and your browser at optimal functionality.

Clear your cache periodically, especially if you have older saved links. Old links are often outdated and no longer provide updated access. Cookies also add up with our browsing, and they can become clutter that negatively impacts efficiency.

Be sure you log out of Clever. Clever continues to be integrated with online resources in the background while we continue our efforts to fully transition to 1Link. Even if you don’t directly log into Clever, your resource may be accessible via Clever in the background.

IT Service Depot Updates

In order to serve the ongoing needs of FBISD students and staff, IT is expanding the support days and hours for the IT Service Depots. We have also added two more locations on the west side of the district to better serve the families and staff on that side of town.

The intent of the Service Depot is to provide IT Services for hardware related issues with district-issued devices. Most services will be managed by appointment by the Site Analysts and should not require customers to remain on-site for any measurable amount of time.

Links: https://support.fortbendisd.com/Login

Laptop Login Issues

This video includes information for students who may need help with logging in or using their laptops for the first time. It covers a variety of issues parents/students may encounter.

Link: https://youtu.be/A79WNvCHqxQ


Voter Registration

Collaborative Communities will mail birthday cards to students ages 17 yrs 10 mo as of 8/1/2020 thru 11/03/2020. A Student Voter Registration Application will be enclosed in the birthday card.

Note: National Voter Registration Day is September 22. The final day to register is October 5.

Links: https://www.txstudentcivics.org/texas-election-code.html

Free and Reduced Meals Grab n Go

FBISD encourages all families to complete the Free & Reduced Meals application, at SchoolCafe, and families who qualified in the 2019-20 school year will need to reapply.

Grab and Go Meals will be available at 10 locations this school year, beginning August 17, for only FBISD students at one of the following status categories - “Paid,” “Reduced,” or “Free.” Students and parents will need to use their student ID number or badge at the locations to purchase meals.

Please note the closest location to your campus in your campus newsletter, found below, and make note of meal prices.

  • Dulles High School

  • Elkins High School

  • Hightower High School

  • Hodges Bend Middle School

  • Kempner High School

  • McAuliffe Middle School

  • Missouri City Middle School

  • Ridge Point High School

  • Travis High School

  • Willowridge High School

Links: Free & Reduced Meals application - https://www.schoolcafe.com/fbisd; Grab and Go Meals - https://www.fortbendisd.com/grabandgomeals

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers of Houston is hosting their Cyber Safety Outreach Day on September 24th at 6:00 p.m. The purpose of this virtual event is to empower parents to stay on top of their families' safety through education on important safety precautions and potential online dangers kids are exposed to in today’s society. Click the flyer link below with short videos for more detailed information about this event.

Links: https://bit.ly/CyberSafetyOutreachDaySway

VOE for Driving Documentation

Anyone requesting a VOE should email judy.wyatt@fortbendisd.com to get the needed documentation.