by Jaylen Leach

Where is starts!

This genocide starts off in 2011 when their president, Bashar al- Assad, made a brutal approach towards peaceful protests. The use of attack helicopters and tanks were present during attack. These attack were actually against civilians! In addition, there was a death toll of over 200,000! This type of behavior lead to lots of the people of Syria fleeing to other countries. In the picture to the right you'll notice a father mourning over the death of his child. smh
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small child being about to be shot

International help and the move

While the tragedies of Syria where in play help from others were making slow progress.

The United Nations struggled to agree on a plan to help Syria. However, once they did decide to take action, it failed horribly. In late 2011 the United Nations failed to stop this disaster. In addition China and Russia actually vetoed three United Nation security council resolutions on Syria. This isn't good at all,

18 Syria - Genocide in Raqqa as Assad Airstrikes Massacre City Residents 9-29-13 War Crimes


Out of the 200,000 deaths 11,000 of them were children! There was sexual abuse and violence every where in Syria now. In addition, there are many refugees who left Syria because it was just too brutal. There are over 2 million refugees Syrirans. Not only are there those many refugees but there are over 6 million Syrians internally displaced. These numbers are are so big because these killings are so brutal and chemical weapons.
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leaving syria