Fight Song:Service Project

Helping others

It is very important to help others. It is important because people will start the act like they want to be treated. If they see someone help others or help you, they will want to start to treat others like the goodness that they saw. Some ways people can help others are to donate money to charity, or they can donate their time and effort to a organization that helps people. If everyone helped someone that would start a chain reaction and the person that saw the good deed would do another good deed.
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St. Jude's Children's Hospitle

I would love to help out the workers and the patients at st. Jude's Children's Hospitle. The nurses and the doctors provide care and service for sick children. They also have reshersh centers for cancer and other sickness most offenly founded in children. I would like to get more involved in the Hospitle because I think way too many children are not getting the help they need because people think that sickness in kids are not as important as sickness in adults. St. Jude's helps according to the fight song project because it gives back to its community.

Grace Point Church

For my service project we made care packages and had a space for food for the homeless. We would make bags that would include the necessity's, like clothes, water bottles and packaged meals. I personally made an impact by being a runner to go get the bags when the people came for the bags. I also set up all the food and all the tables for the meal portion of the night. I would do the project all over again because it gave the homeless people things they need that they might not have gotten by themselves. I would recommend this to people because people do not relies that some people do not have all the privileges that we do.
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