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Attractions and Geography

Enjoy our amazing natural and man made fortifications along the outskirts of the city sworn to keep you safe from invaders. The great chain across the harbor will make sure that you and your family will be safe from threatening ships while you take your son to see the ocean. Our city is surrounded by water allowing trade from all directions so that even the hardest to acquire materials make it safely to your home. Look in amazement at a Golden Gate right here in our city.


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Here in our city beautiful houses are build for those looking for shelter. Jobs have almost no limit to make sure you get the work you love and require. Your family is safe from harm while your away and when the time comes your children will be ready to find work and care for there families. Farmers provide food and our markets supply your household with materials. Shoemakers and tailors are happy to help with a new outfit and our blacksmiths can provide you with the finest weaponry to assure you have a happy and safe stay in The City of Gold, Constantinople.