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Factors which may lead to turning your home into Canadian investment property.

There are several reasons and options which may make it possible to turn your home into an investment property, may be you have just deemed it fit to turn it as investment for economical purposes. The work transfer or downsizing to a smaller property can automatically turn your home to rental property. The other factor also may depend on the enclosure of the location you are living in, in some places homeowners turns them to a totally new development like Condos if government housing development rues allows that. When all your children have moved out from home, can also be a factor or you mortgage upgrade may also allow you take a larger loan for development in your property compound.

Stages of Life;

Moving out of your home could be due to certain stages in life which may precipitate turning your home into investment, it's doesn't mean you have abandoned the home altogether, but it's been reversed to other profitable uses. When you have been transferred to another location because of work or duty, this too could make one consider turning own home into an investment property. Another aspect that may also make this possible is when you are either down-sizing or up-sizing your family, or more still when in financial difficulties due to an overstretching loan or something like that.

Rental property:

In the even when you experience some financial difficulties and in the process rented out your home, this can be a very prudent measure to mitigate the difficulty by cutting down on some aspect of expenses. Rental income will probably supply more disposable income which education in real estate management can help in repayment of mortgage or any other outstanding domestic loan. But the process of turning it into a rental property may bring some tax consequences altogether, we will touch a little bit of that here though not so much just scratching the surface.

Tax Deductible:

The cardinal rule of rental property is that only the rental income which are or were incurred can be used to earn income from the invested equity or property. The expenses shouldn't fall into capital or private category. Depending on which expenses they are, they can either be deducted right away as in lump sum or gradually with time.

Some types of expenses which may be deducted right away are:

a) Interest payable on a loan or mortgage.
b) Advertising costs to look for tenants.
c) Lease and legal document costs which are directly related to leasing the house in question.
d) Maintenance and repairs inclusive commuting to collect rents or anything relating to the house expenses.
e) All other costs which are directly related to the said property to any extent deemed fit.

The above factors may result or bring about why or how to turn your home into an investment property, though there are so many other factors which are governed by insurance, credit facilities and housing regulations in different jurisdiction like Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary and the rests of provinces in Canada.