Has amzing plants and animals:)

Where is it located?

It is located in North America, and north of the Tropic of Cancer( 23.5 degrees North) and south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

What is the climate for your region?

Temperate grasslands have hot summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter temperatures are low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Also snow often serve as a reservoir of moisture for the beginning of the growing season.

What are the types of plants that live in the Grasslands?

The plants that are in the Grasslands are wild oats, fox tail, buffalo grass, ryegrass, purple needle grass, Blue Grama, and the blazing star.

What are the type of animals that live in the Grasslands?

The animals that live in the Grasslands are pocket gophers, prairie dogs, wolves, coyotes, swift fox's, badgers, black-footed ferrets, bats, bees, African Buffalo, and Alpaca's.