20 Time Proposal

You're so Beautiful/ Your Life Matters Blog

You're so Beautiful Blog

The you're so beautiful "blog" will be an Instagram account. The Instagram account will consist of people in our community who seem to be down. I will go up to them an I will ask to take a picture of the state I found them in. Then I will ask them what they think makes a person beautiful, what they find makes they find makes them beautiful, and then I will tell them what I think makes them beautiful and take a picture of their reaction. I will then post the pictures on the account and make the conversation the caption.

#yourlifematters blog

This blog will probably be a tumblr page or an online written blog of sorts. This blog will consist of others success stories of getting through depression or anything really. This blog will consist of daily reminders that "your life matters" and inspirational quotes to people going and remind them that they are important.

Audience/ Clients/ Users

This project will help to benefit those in need of a confidence boosts or any boost they'd need. My blogs will let people know that someone cares and the best thing they could ever wear is their beautiful smile.



All I want in January is to get the project started,mess around with it, work out the kinks.


By Febuary, I want to have a solid foundation for my project amd something that people want to get involved with and be apart of.


By March, I hope to have a solid following and have most of my friends, and classmates involved.


By April I hope to for my accounts to become popular, and have people involved beyond just my close friends and classmates.


By May, I wish to accomplish all that I wish to accomplish in the months prior, have a better understanding of my project, and change lives really.

Reality Check

The only thing that I need for this project really is the drive to do it daily, phone storage, the participants, possibly get a camera depending on how things go.


The product I want to bring to class is an Instagram page full of smiles I've made happen and a tumblr page with success stories that I've help to inspire.