What is UNT Sustainability?

And what are we doing in Sanger ISD?

What is Sustainability and EXCEL?

Sustainability is meeting our current needs without compromising the needs of the future. Our vision is to have a holistically and purposefully engaged community helping schools transform their educational experience to grow today’s youth.

The EXCEL program offers school districts a realistic, simple, and context specific way to create and/or enhance college and career preparedness programs using their existing resources. EXCEL focuses on preparing PK-12 students to become the next generation of leaders while complying with Texas House Bill 5.

There are three focus areas of EXCEL:

1. College and Career Readiness

2. Education for Sustainability (EfS)

3. 21st Century Skills and Global Competencies

We have many exciting things occurring in Sanger right now!

We are currently..

  • Creating a career fair for the 6th grade center to take place on May 15th.
  • Designing a summer camp for elementary students to participate in.
  • Creating a counseling program for Linda Tutt High School.
  • Exploring funding options to implement outdoor learning areas.
  • Providing customized tours for all Sanger grade levels.
  • Providing a fun teaching and learning experience through our Eco-Rep program.

Lets make all of your great ideas happen!

We want to hear your unique ideas so that we can help you bring them to life! The outdoor learning areas and the summer camp are just two great ideas that came from your co-workers that we have helped implement. So please, help us help you!

We want to invite you to join our Google + circle. If we have not already added you, please add us at UNT Sustainability on your Google + account by simply searching "UNT Sustainability" and pressing "Add to circles".

If you do not know how to access your Google + account, please email us and we will assist you!

Sustainable Communities Initiative: EXCEL