Act It!!!

Game by Maddie Lavin, Scott Grills, Sarah Choi

How to Play

first, choose your pieces and put them on the start. Then, each player rolls the dice and go in order from greatest to least. The person with the highest number on the dice goes first and so on. Once you have decided who goes first, the first player rolls the dice. When you roll the dice, move up how ever many spaces the dice says. Then, follow what the space you are on says. If you think you answered a question right, check the back of the card and if you did get it correct, you move up 1 space. Lastly, pass the dice to the second player. Repeat. If you land on a act it space pick up a action card and do what is says. If you land on question card answer it if you get it right move one space forward do not do the action on the new space. if you get it wrong then it is the next person turn. If you land on a slide space you get to move forward to where it ends do the action on the new space. whoever reaches the end first wins!!!