Mrs. Walker's Class

4th and 5th Grade

September 13, 2019

In Class this week:

We added some things to our SeeSaw account for ELA and Math! Please check your SeeSaw if you haven't yet. SeeSaw Link

MAP testing went well. Students worked hard and I am proud of them! We have the math test next Thursday and we will be taking the Science in class since it doesn't take very long.

Thank you for keeping up with the pacing guide and turning in artifacts!

Science- I was not able to do the online lesson Monday morning last minute, however that lesson still needs to be done at home. We will hopefully be able to start having labs on Thursday Sept. 26th, 4th will be at 9 and 5th will be at 10. There will be a link to sign up so I can be prepared for who is coming when it gets closer. It is totally optional for them to come to the lab on Thursdays.

Have a great weekend!

September 6, 2019

We are 16 days into the school year! Thank you for working so hard and learning how to navigate K12. I appreciate all the communication I have gotten from parents!

In Class this week:

This week we practiced getting into ClassConnect, and what the expectations are in ClassConnect. We learned how to chat with other students and how to respond to questions and activities during that time! There are several things they have to click to get in- so click, yes, run, accept, and download until you are in. Everyone was able to get in pretty much on their own. YAY!

We also had art and coding this week! Student's were excited to do both! A quick note about Coding- Student's have access to the coding even while they are at home. If they go to office 365 and click their waffle (top left corner) there are all kinds of things they have access to including and Edutyping which we used in class today. Feel free to use them at your leisure at home, for a break, or anytime.

Last but not least, students posted in our class SeeSaw! I had some cheering this week when I said we were going to do SeeSaw. I told everyone that their parents will get to see what they post, so if you haven't yet, please sign up to connect to your students account. You will be able to comment on their work and they love to see comments from you! SeeSaw Link

Science reminders- We have MAP testing coming up next Thursday and the following Thursday so the Science Lab I wanted to have those days will no longer work. Those labs will need to be done at home.

Reminders: Please let me know in advance if your student will be absent. In your email, you can include Brooke so she doesn't need to call.

8/23 Whew! We made it through the first week!

You guys rocked it! Thanks for working so hard to learn the program and get into the lessons!

There was a lot going on this week. I appreciate all the emails and questions. If you ever need anything or clarification please email me!

In class this week:

We had fun getting to know each other, and we also made some rules for our classroom. Students told me what they think our rules should be so we all feel safe and can do our best! We also took a look around at the other classrooms and the new areas in this building. The water fountain is pretty far down the hall so your student may bring a water bottle to class, as long as it has a lid. Also, I have had a couple questions about snacks during class, if possible they need to be eaten before class starts.

Next week when you come on either Tuesday or Wednesday remember to bring your student's device, their folder with their tracker in it, and the artifacts you completed this week that need to be turned in.

Tip: One thing to make finding the artifacts easier, is to take sticky notes and put one on each page you will need to turn in. I have also had parents highlight the page number on the page. It is just one more way to keep track of everything. Optional, but it could be helpful!

I look forward to seeing your students next week!

P.S. Thank you for the items you purchased for my classroom! I received some wobble chairs, a label maker, a felt board, and binders!