fantastic Africa

Africas features


Madagascar is located in the indian ocean and is one of the several islands in the malagasy republic. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. One thing you can do in Madagascar is explore the wildlife , you can go see some chaeleons

Red Sea

the red sea is a long and narrow sea that sits between africa and the arabian penisula.The red sea is lincved with the indian ocean.Surrounded by dry desserts and steppes,summer water exeeds 85'f.One thing you can do in the red sea is you can see the blue hole.
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lake victoria

Lake victoria is the largest lake in africa and is chief of the nile river.Fills a small depression in the plato.there is so miles of it shore.lake victoria is a fresh water lake with a welth of fish
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congo basin

the congo basin is the worlds second largest basin it is over 1,335,000 square miles across