Random News

By: Michael Gao

Man rescued after 66 days drifting

News! News! News! Man found alive!!! About two months ago a man named Louis Jordan was said to be lost at sea. Which really he actually did by rough storms damaging his boat and equipments. This man was drifting for 66 days with a broken boat, a bible, and a blanket. He got lost about 200 miles of the coast of North Carolina and was later returned to his home in Virginia. He was found on April 2. Now he is safely back with his family.

House Remodel

This article is about a house being remodeled. Doesn't seem exciting doesn't it? Yeah your probably right... It's not that exciting. This house is located in Howard if you want to see what it looks like. The owners of this house is in your school. They are getting a remodeling because they want bigger, newer things and they want new areas added. They hired people to work on their house a week ago. Like I said if you want to check it out go to Howard and find this house.

Did somebody call 911?

Hello this is 911, what is your emergency? So a few days ago while I was at Bennett's house, somehow my phone dialed 911 in my pocket. I didn't realize it until they called me back and asked if I had a emergency. It was a accident and I told them that but they sent a routine squad car check up to make sure. While the officer was here he joined us in a game of Lightning, Horse, and Dunk contest. He won the Dunk contest but i won the other two. So we had a good time with cops. See you in the slammers! Jk!