Wilson Weekly

Week of December 4th, 2017

Action Items

  • Student Teachers - If you are interested in hosting a student teacher in the Spring, please shoot Cooper an email.
  • Calendar Survey - 2 options for next year's calendar have been released. Check them out, and share your input on the district survey. https://www.coppellisd.com/Page/15153 Have additional input? Feel free to share it with Jana (our Calendar Committee Rep).
  • Early Dismissal - Dismissal is at 12:15 on 12/15. If you have kids that will need a lunch, please email Mrs. Nora how many sack lunches you will need.
  • Educator Writing Survey - See below for information regarding an educator Writing Survey to address our campus System Safeguards.
  • January 2nd - Register in Eduphoria for your 2 sessions on January 2nd. Classroom Educators (except for Noel/Scovill) - Please make sure you register for a Guided Reading session. For session descriptions, see email sent on Friday.
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Hour of Code

This week is the global Hour of Code! I can't encourage you enough to plan for your kids to participate. There are options available for all ages (and educator comfort level). :)

Looking for somewhere to start? Click below for great lessons from Amanda! Also, don't hesitate to talk to Carol about utilizing some of our countless robotics resources.

RtI Meetings

RtI meetings are this week (and next Monday). We have seen lots of progress in our learners through the years and month by month as we meet. Please have all progress monitoring updated in AWARE. Also, be prepared to discuss interventions and learner response to the interventions.

Thanks for all you do to help our kids be successful.

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Aligned Writing Checklists

Our ELA Vertical Team are working hard to align our writing checklists across the campus. We have started with the editing checklist. We are asking teams to provide feedback here by 12/12. Questions? See your grade level ELA vertical team representative!

Educator Writing Survey

Please click on the button below and complete the survey regarding writing instruction. These questions are designed to input on "next steps" for our campus plan to 1) align writing practices across grade levels and 2) increase writing across content areas.

Please complete the survey by Friday, December 15th.

Thank you!

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Retelling Strategy

Do you need a unique way to teach retelling?

Directly from the Mentoring Minds Intervention Strategies compact guide:

Provide each student with a string. Have them stretch out the string on their desks. Tell students the string is like a timeline of events that happen in a story. Students touch the left end, which represents the beginning of the story. Students touch the right end, which represents the ending of the story. Tell them the events that happen in the story should be placed in sequential order along the string. THEN read the story.

Option A: Have students tell the events in order and point to the correct sequence on the string.

Option B: Provide the students with index cards. Students write (or dictate and teacher writes) the beginning and the ending of a story on separate index cards and place the cards in the appropriate place on the length of string. Students write other events in the story on separate cards and place them on the string in the proper sequence.

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Curriculum Courier

Check out the latest and greatest below...

Demographer Report

At the most recent Board Meeting, the district's demographer presented a report detailing expected growth and enrollment in CISD for the coming years. When you have a few minutes, I encourage you to check it out (see below). It includes home trends, projected enrollment numbers, etc.

This information will be used to inform elementary redistricting scheduled to happen prior to the opening of the new elementary school.

It's Party Time!

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For the CISD Open House (this coming Friday), we are encouraged to bring a new/used book to donate for a district book drive. Books will be donated to schools rebuilding from Harvey.
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Week At A Glance

  • 4th RtI


  • 3rd RtI
  • 5th Grade Program- Spirit Schedule
  • 1st, 3rd, 5th - Stop, Collaborate, and Listen


  • Kids of Character Breakfast
  • 2nd RtI
  • 4th Design Day
  • Eric Hanson's Baby Shower in the Lounge
  • Madrigal Tours - 1:55-2:15 - The Madrigal Choir will come for a quick caroling tour. If your class would like to participate, line the hall, and they will be around from 1:55-2:15.
  • Faculty Meeting - 3:30
  • Mi Cocina Spirit Night


  • 1st RtI
  • 3rd Design Day
  • Tamba and Bel Canto Performance at Northpark
  • K, 2nd, 4th - Stop, Collaborate and Listen


  • Rise & Shine
  • Holiday Open House - New/Used book donations accepted.
  • Red and Black Superstar Nominations Due
  • Wilson Staff Holiday Party