Mrs. Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Last Week's Preview

We ended our unit on Electricity and Magnetism. The week was filled with rotation labs and reviews. Grades for the unit test were great!! We ended our week with a fun tour of LaGrange High School. Its not only exciting and fun to see how my current students react to going to high school but to see my former students growing up. It was a wonderful day full of smiles, laughs, and hugs.

Next Week's Preview

Monday & Tuesday: Holidays

Wednesday: Intro to Waves

Thursday: Waves Activity and Vocabulary

Friday: Properties of Waves

Spring Benchmark is Thursday, March 3rd!!

High School Advisement will begin real soon!!!


This is our last unit for the year! We will be learning and investigating the properties of waves, light waves, and sound waves. We will have many projects and labs included in our learning.