Top News Picks from Room 56!!



The students have been working hard in our Reading stations the past few weeks. We focus on writing, read to self, read with a partner and word work. We are working with our first story in Journeys, "A Fine, Fine, School" and will finish up with a test this Friday. If your child wants to access their story they can get it from Think Central. They will be coming home with a log on list to keep at home for a variety of websites.


Communities have been our focus for the past few weeks. Students have done a few projects around the types of communities....Urban, Suburban and Rural. We will examine to landforms of communities and how that effects the lives of those who reside there.


The students are working hard here and at home to become accurate with their multiplication facts. We have introduced 5, 2, and 10 thus far. They have learned that division and multiplication are inverse operations (opposite) and belong to a fact family. Students have worked in small groups to practice facts and problem solve too.


Students did a good job with their MAP Reading tests last week. I will send home a lexile number for your child. This is a number range found on books in the library which tells if the book is a good level for them to be reading independently. You can use the LEXILE number when checking out books from your public library.

Math MAP tests should be complete this week. We have learned many new concepts thus far and should be advantageous to the students when they see multiplication and simple division problems appear on the tests.