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✯ All the Expectations for your iPad ✯

★ The Goods and Bads ★

  1. Your iPad is your responsibility! Never leave it places where it could easily be stolen.
  2. Don't interact with Cyber bullies, if they're disturbing or threatening you, Tell your parents or anyone in charge!
  3. Always insure you have a password or any form of security for your iPad, this will prevent anyone getting in without your permission!
  4. Your iPad has a limited storage, don't download huge applications unless you got authorised permission!
  5. Don't take photos of people WITHOUT permission, if they want a photo, they'll ask!


Watch Out! It's the iPad Thief! Never leave your iPad in the possession of someone you don't trust! You never know when they might get hungry for technology!

Risks of Owning an iPad ☛

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