Brooke Nelson

Cultural Geography C

Geography and Globalization?

Geography and globalization influence people greatly. Geography is a huge factor of where people live. Usually they live near rivers, lakes or oceans. This is because living near these makes transportation, obtaining goods and just life in general easier. Globalization is also a huge factor of how people live. The many factories that people work at and make a living at are because of globalization.
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Tracking this product

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How its made - Pencils

Problems in technology, culture, the envirnment and the economy.


  • The technology used to cut down the wood and make the pencils can be dangerous of the workers.


  • The workers are taking a lesser pay, therefore making it the new normal to not have a lot of money which changes the whole culture.


  • Cutting down Indonesian forests.


  • Taking away American jobs.

Cutting down Indonesian forests

Cutting down Indonesian forests is having a huge impact on the environment. Forests and jungles are very important to the ecosystem. I think a practical solution could be that the company could make a pledge where they plant a tree for every one lost, or they plant a tree for every other tree lost. Therefore the forests are not being destroyed as brutally as before. The company could also change its sources from just Indonesia to maybe other parts of the world to reduce the damage in just one part of the world.
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Pros and Cons of Globalization

Globalization can be a very good thing and a very bad this depending on the way that you look at it.


  • Poor countries gain more money
  • Companies make more money
  • Poor families can be supported


  • Envirnmental damage
  • Less of cultural differences
  • Horrible working conditions
  • Very low pay

How globalization relates to ME

Globalization is such a big part of my life. It impacts just about everything in my life. If globalization didn't effect me, then I would have no clothes to wear, no computer to make this on, no bed to sleep in, no shoes to wear. I would have nothing. This project has really opened my eyes and has made me appreciate everything that I have. Because if it wasn't for that woman in china who works 12 hours a day for just pennies to make the shirt that I have on right now, or the child who lives at the factory he works at to support his devastatingly poor family I would actually have nothing.