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Get graduate credit for working on your curriculum this summer!

Are you planning to take a class this summer? Are you planning to work on your curriculum over the summer? Did you know you can do both at once and get graduate credit for it?

You can. Dominican University in San Rafael, California, a fully accredited college, offers graduate level credit to teachers who spend time working on their lesson plans over the summer. Those credits might not work toward your Master's Degree, but they will move you over on the pay scale.

You would be crazy not to sign up for this, especially if you were planning to work on your curriculum anyway. Some of you have been reassigned to a different grade level; some of your districts have adopted new math or reading programs which you need to familiarize yourself with; some of you will be teaching a new class; some of you need to align your curriculum with state standards. Whatever you'll be working on, you could get 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 units of graduate credit for doing what you'd be doing on your own time and with no pay.

Have you ever sat in a class or an in-service and wished that your time could be better spent working on what you need to accomplish for your own students in your own classroom? Dominican recognizes the desire of teachers to do just that. This is a class that requires no sit-down attendance, no books to read, no papers to write, no tests to take, no jumping through somebody else's hoops. You simply work on your lesson plans and room environment to prepare yourself for the opening of school in the fall. Log your hours, and at the end, tell us briefly how it all worked out for you. You would meet with me at the beginning of the summer and again at the end to tell me your plan and how it all worked out. If enough teachers in your district are interested, let me know, and I will come meet with you.

This class is perfect for teachers, and I can testify that I myself have helped hundreds of them to take this class, get ready for the first day of school, and look forward to it because they knew they were ready!

You are sure to have questions, so don't hesitate to reply to this email and ask whatever you need to know. When I first learned about this class, it took me a while to get my head around this revolutionary new concept-----teachers working on what THEY think they need to do? Unheard of.

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Susan Vastine

Chadron, NE

Current options.....more to be added as needed

2 Credits - $250 / 3 Credits - $375 / 4 Credits - $495 / 5 Credits - $595 / 6 Credits - $695


- June 30 - Deadline to register

- August 21 - Course end date

EDUX 9930 Orientation Meetings: (Choose ONE date to attend)

May 23rd 1:00 pm
May 25th 9:00 am
Chadron High School 901 Cedar Street

May 19th 4:30 pm
May 26th 4:30 pm
WNCC/Harms Center 2620 College Park

Please Contact: Susan Vastine
(308) 432-4683 susan@vastine.net