Short and Sweet

December 7th - 11th

Reading and Writing


Off to week 2 in Unit 3 we go. The essential question for the week is "How can one person change the way think?" Our story in whole & small group will be in the genre of historical fiction.

We will continue using the comprehension strategy of visualization and comprehension skill of cause and effect. Our stories this week have some figurative language-idioms to help the students visualize what is happening in the story.


Last week we introduced opinion writing. This unit's main writing task is to write a book review that voices the student's opinion on the book. We will be practicing writing our opinions by writing some short pieces of writing. Last week students worked to write a paragraph on which season they thought was better, summer or winter. This week they are writing about their favorite movie and why. I am loving hearing the students' voices come out as they write their paragraphs.

Rolling Rectangles


Last week we introduced area and perimeter. Students have spent the past week working with these and will continue developing strategies for finding area and perimeter. This week we will finish up Unit 4. Students will "build" a rabbit pen and explain their thinking on area and perimeter, explore rectilinear figures, and end the week with a unit review and assessment.

Smart Board Math Work