Peru is a beautiful place. It has popular cities like Machu Picchu, Cusco, Arequipa, and Its capital Lima. Peru's incredible views and locations attract many tourists. There are Many luxurious hotels and restaurants.


Peru is full of mysteries of the past. Peru was once home to an ancient civilization known as the Incas. The Incas Lived in a hidden city in the Andes Mountains. They lived there until Spanish explorers invaded and wiped them out. After the invasion, Cusco was reduced to ruins. Some Inca people are still here today, but they are not the same as before.


Peru is home to many amazing places. There is the Arequipa valley, a beautiful sight to behold. There is also the Ica desert, there are the mysterious Nazca lines in the sand. And there is the majestic Andes Mountain range, home to the mystical Cusco ruins. There are also many cities to visit. There are many luxurious restaurants with gourmet food and gorgeous hotels.

Government and economy

Peru is a capitalist country and it is led by president Ollanta Tasso. Peru's currency is the Peruvian Nuevo sol which is equal to 29 cents. Peru is a constitutional republic.
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This is the flag of Peru.

The colors represent the Inca's impact on the country.
The coat of arms has a llama, a chichona tree, and a cornucopia which are important in peru.