SOAR Report

Week of October 17, 2016

Wendell Phillips Vision

"Wendell Phillips 63 will establish a positive, engaging, and rigorous learning environment that allows each child to "SOAR" to Excellence as a member of the Cardinal Family."


Monday, October 17


Tuesday, October 18

Grade 5/6 ELA Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade 3/4 ELA Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade K/1 ELA PLC

Grade 2 Math PLC

Wednesday, October 19

Grade 5/6 Math Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade 3/4 Math Benchmark Analysis PLC

Grade K/1 ELA PLC

Grade 2 Math PLC

AIO Visit- 11:20-12:20

Report Cards Go Home!

Thursday, October 20

Principal's Meeting- Wirth Off Campus All Day

Friday, October 21st

Honor Roll Assembly- Related Arts Blocks


Our vision should be known by all. In breaking this down, our learning environment will be:

  • Positive- set the tone in our classrooms by building relationships and reinforcing positive behavior
  • Engaging- instruction will be interactive and driven by student needs. This means intentional planning through posted I CAN statements aligned to daily lessons.
  • Rigorous- Our instruction needs to be challenging and aligned to standards. Deconstructing standards into skills and teaching how to apply the skills is the end game. Critical thinkers are the desired outcome.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) rules and procedures must be taught to mastery when we return from Fall Break. We will have not seen our students for 17 days....and in this time, they will have forgotten what we taught them first quarter. These procedures are located in the Staff Handbook (PBIS Tab) and it is expected you will reteach them during Morning Meeting time and prior to entering common areas (hallways, cafeteria, restroom, etc.) throughout the day. Use the SOAR acronym to reinforce the rules in each area for us all to be speaking the same language with students. This tells students what we want them to do...and takes attention off what they aren't doing. I have linked the handbook below. Access Code- SOAR

Engaging instruction got a little more tech-enhanced over break....our Learning A-Z subscriptions to Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, and Vocabulary (K-6) were purchased and ready for you to use. Teachers in grades are also receiving a subscription to Headsprout. I will be sending the links for you to set up your accounts in a separate email. These tools are to be used in your Guided Reading Stations on the iPads/MacBook computers, or any time you want to have your students receive additional literacy support. Please register and get your kiddos loaded into the system this coming week for us to use the programs the following week. PD through the company is being confirmed.....

RIGOR will be a hot topic in our PLC's. As we review assessments and plan accordingly, we will be making sure instruction aligns to the rigor of the assessment. If we are aiming too low in the DOK of the instruction we provide, we are doing a disservice to our students. We will need to scaffold instruction based on pre-assessment data, but having a Growth Mindset as we plan is crucial in succeeding....where our students are right now is NOT where they will end up. HIGH Expectations are key.....OUR students can and will achieve....NO EXCUSES. Be prepared to talk about this at PLC's this week as we review assessment data.

I have updated the Staff Handbook to include the revised Master Schedule (and attached it to this SOAR Report). They are located in the Operations tab, with each section (Instructional, Related Arts, Supervision Assignments) having their own sub-tabs. Please review and know where you need to be when we return from break on Tuesday, October 18th. Also, make the adjustments to the schedules in your room, including having all instructional blocks identified in your schedule (not just Reading to reflect all Balanced Literacy components).

Data Walls will be a focus of our instructional visit by our AIO, Mr. Jesse Pratt. Please review the data wall feedback email sent prior to break for expectations. Quick recap- DIBELS/TRC in K-2, Standards/RAPS 360 in Grades 3-6 are expected to be up. Please see your coaches for support and have these in place by Wednesday. This expectation was shared prior to break as well.

I have attached a link below to a survey to complete with your students on Tuesday morning @ 9:10 am. I will refer to this during the is a way to gather information for the Safe Routes to School Initiative through the City of Indianapolis and a group called Health by Design.

Staff Handbook

Access Code- SOAR

DIY Professional Development

Teach Like a Champion Technique #42 - No Warnings


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In thinking about the GROWTH many of these statements have you made to your students? Do they know where they are now academically and socially is just the beginning???