Variation in Food Consumption


Stability of food supply

- There is enough food grown in the world to feed the entire population, but everyone does not have equal access to the food -> Economy, differences in household income, DCs or LDCs.

- Food supply is not always stable due to the events that affect the supplies of food e.g. civil war and natural disaster.

* Ways to increase the food supply: Governments have to increase the food productions or increase the food imports. -> Food production can be increased by moving technology to increase crop yield as well as increasing the use of agricultural land through opening new areas for agriculture. -> able to plant and grow more crops -> increase of food supply.

Events that affect food supply

Civil War

Example in Libya in April 2011, United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) reported that food stocks in the country were rapidly being depleted and were not being replenished. Cities and areas with heavy fighting reported food and water shortages, while safety concerns restricted people from venturing out to find or buy food. soldiers found themselves saving some portions of food in their haversack, washable canvas bags that provided storage but did little for food preservation.

Natural Disaster

Another example is when Zimbabwe was faced with food shortage in 2008 after a severe drought. Their food production has been devastated by a number of factors including natural disasters, economic and political inability. A series of poor harvest and high unemployment. Extremely low rainfall destroyed most of the country's corn harvest. Causing it to have low food supply .

Food safety

-Food safety refers to a system that provides guidelines and ensure proper handling, preparation and storage of food.

- The government is responsible for establishing a framework that promotes the delivery of safe food by the industry, and the provision of adequate information to consumers.

- They are also responsible for tracking down contaminated food that causes diseases or food poisoning -> ensure everyone can consume food that is not contaminated.

-An example is the Angri-Fodd & Veterinary Authority (AVA) in singapore. It ensures that food in Singapore is safe to consume through inspection and testing programs. It also educates consumers on food-borne hazards and how to keep food safe.

-It is crucial to ensure that food is safe for consumption. The consequences of unsafe food can be very serious, so we have to ensure that we are consuming safe and clean food to keep us healthy :)

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