Dante Alighieri

By Jillian Collins


Dante Alighieri

Born- 1265- Florence, Italy

Lived- Florence, Italy

Education and Training- Pursued studies at Sta Croce and the Dominican School of S. Maria Novella

Lifestyle- Modest, but quite better off (could afford the training he needed)

Patrons- Loyalties to the Guelfs

Art Created

Wrote epic poems

Most known for comedic poem, "Divine Comedy", and Convivio

Well Known Work

Divine Comedy

A comedic epic poem

Created in the second half of 14th Century

Currently Located in Bodelen Library, University of Oxford

Seen as one of the greatest works in world history for its advancements in Italian Literature


I find this piece interesting because I have never seen or heard of a comedic poem before, especially this earlier in history.

Dante is an example of humanism because his work changed and empowered the way humans today and before us think about literature.