Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 11/7-11/11

No goals are too high where falcons fly. We’re brilliant, kind and strong!

Upcoming Events

11/6-Daylight Savings Time Ends (fall back)

11/10-3rd Grade Veterans Day Program, 6 pm (5:45 for participants)

11/11-Veterans Day: No School

11/13-World Kindness Day

11/15-STEM Certification visit

11/15-PTA Meeting, 3:45 at Fernan

11/17-Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00-7:30

11/18-Parent/Teacher Conferences, 8:30-3:00

11/21-11/25 -Thanksgiving Break-No School

11/24-Thanksgiving Day

12/1-Mod Pizza (earn dough for the library)

12/10-PTA Pictures with Santa, 10 am

Arrival, Dismissal and Lunch Schedule

Link to Cd'A School District Family Calendar

Link to Cd'A Lunch Menu

The 4th Tuesday of every month is a Roger's PTA fundraiser. Fernan will earn 20% of your total receipt. We have vouchers in the office if you're interested.

Raise some dough for the library

If your child isn't feeling well...

With the onset of the cold and flu season, please give the office a head's up if your child isn't feeling well, rather than having them call you if they should feel worse. We can then properly respond if your child should show up in the office. Thank you!

Thank you for helping make PTA's Trunk or Treat a 'sweet' event!

First graders disect owl pellets!

Second graders design houses strong enough for the wolf!

AMAZON purchases can help raise funds for Fernan's PTA!

1. Open the Amazon shopping app

2. Navigate to the main menu

3. Tap on settings and select "AmazonSmile"

4. Select your charity-Fernan STEM Academy PTA
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to turn ON AmazonSmile in the mobile app

6. Future eligible purchases will generate a quarterly donation to Fernan STEM Academy

7. Shop through AmazonSmile and earn money for Fernan's PTA. Our PTA supports our students and activities in many different ways!

Big picture

More on Fernan seeking STEM certification!

We are so excited to announce that our STEM Certification visit is coming up. We are preparing for our visit on 11/15/22. Our staff has been gathering evidence to meet the standards for STEM certification, and our evidence is a true testament to students' understanding of the engineering design process. We can't wait to share and celebrate Fernan's STEM journey with our visitors.

We are looking for donations for Fernan's 'Maker Space'.

If you notice any of these items around your home, we are looking for the following:

Popsicle Sticks

Regular straws

Tape of all kinds

TP Rolls (w/o the tp)

Foam balls

Smaller wood pieces

Construction paper (any color)

Hot glue sticks

Thank you! Please send items with your child.

Turkey Egg Drop Project with Popsicle Sticks

Build the Turkey

First, build your turkeys. Let the eggs sit out at room temperature until they stop sweating. Glue on a waddle, beak, googly eyes and feathers.

Use the materials at hand to protect the turkey from its fall. We used ziplock baggies to hold everything in place in case things got messy.

You could use cotton, material, recyclable materials...anything you can find!

Test your designs from various heights and on various surfaces to see how well they hold up. Now improve your design and try again!

Is your child riding the bus to another location?

You must complete this form in advance. Transportation (208) 667-3451

Fernan STEM Academy


Vision Statement: Our Fernan Falcons empower one another to be problem solvers who ask, imagine, plan, create, and grow.

Mission Statement: We build the future by inspiring, engaging, and empowering students to become critical thinking problem solvers who work collaboratively to improve the world around them.