Borrowing Money

Borrowing Money

You aren't magic, you can't just magically make money appear. Can you?

Money doesn't grow on trees you know. So If we borrow money do I have to pay it back? All of that up next.

Borrowing Money

Loans and credit two ways to borrow money.But you can't just borrow money and expect it to pay the fees itself.If you do you'll have good credit.If you go out of control with your credit it will turn bad. Which can seriously affect your future

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How Do I Keep Track Of My Spendings?

A.Keep A Checkbook,super-usefull

Q.Will they charge me if i'm late with my payment

A. Yes Everyday They will charge a late fee like with a book in a library.

-By:Adairia Wallace

Proofread By:Tanner Smoldas