Evers and Stuebs Imports

Alec Evers and Dyantae Stuebs

6 Business Activities

1. Generating ideas- Our idea would be to open a local super car importer business and dealership. We would start by taking in used super cars and selling them. Once we get to the level that we decide to start importing we will open a new facility. We will import McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. We will have competition with domestic products and other importers. If we are successful we will expand our imports and import new and more exotic cars.

2. Raising Capital- Our financial resources would be our used dealership. We would open the new car imports when we get to the level that we are able to do so. Our capital would be our own hard earned money and money from the used dealership. We will also have loans from the bank and other investors. Once we are successful and our company develops we will start to import more and more cars. We will also start a racing team with our Ferrari's.

3. Employing and training personal- We will hire a maximum of 50 full time workers. Once we get successful we will start to hire part time workers and provide summer jobs to teenagers. They would wash cars. We would also start an internship for working and selling cars. For full time workers they must have a good background and be trust worthy. They must have a high school diploma and at least 4 years in college. We would train employees by showing them around, putting them through courses and different scenarios for working every day Monday through Saturday.

4. Buying goods and services- We will buy cars from Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari. We will resell most of our products. We will keep some of our cars for our racing team. We will buy decor for our dealership and offices and other supplies. We will provide our workers with computers, offices, supplies. We will also build a show room for advertising and selling our cars. We will also do our own building maintenance.

5. Marketing Goods and Services- We advertise by the internet, radio commercials, and sponsoring events. We would also sponsor local clubs, non profit organizations, and events.

6. Maintaining Business Records- We would keep records by files, and quick books. We would provide everything for the costumers like paper work etc. We would have specific computers for records.


Business Ownership.

We are a partnership. We chose to be a partnership because we both had the same idea of opening a car dealership or a car importer. We chose to merge them and become both. Some advantages are it is the easiest way to start a business, we are the ones responsible, and and we share profits. Disadvantages are we are liable for if business fails.

Business Goals.

Some goals are win over Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari so we can start winning over customers and making a profit. Make enough profit to expand if needed. Make enough profit to build our race cars for our race team. Do good in our racing series. Sponcer some events.

Mission Statement

The mission of Evers and Stuebs Imports is to provide high quality super cars that are not common or made in this country. We want to provide foreign cars for people in the U.S that might have a hard time of setting one them selves.