Technology Coaches Corner

Instructional Division, Issue 2_2015

What Coaches Can Do For You...

  • Training/PD
  • Classroom Planning
  • Team Teaching and Modeling
  • Integrating Best Practices/Strategies into your lessons
  • New Technology Coaches

    Welcome to SPSD, Jessica Tuwaiq!

    Welcome to your new position for SPSD Ramona Allen!

    Please contact us along with Janice Kato-AHHS, Cynthia Ashford-SHS, and Shawn McFarland

    Ramona Allen

    Thompson Middle School Technology Coach


    Allows you to create classes and have students take short comprehension quizzes in order to measure growth. This is a free resource.


    AKA United Streaming

    Provides resources for all subjects and all grade levels.

    Contact Shawn McFarland @ if you need

    • Transfer building
    • Buildings pass code to create an account
    • Reset your password
    • To add your class roster for student user names and password
    • To get Discovery Education/United Streaming training



    Free educational videos.


    EDPUZZLE Add questions to your videos, link to any video, trim videos to your needs. Easy to use.

    Video Tutorial: Length 9 mins 5 secs

    Bright Idea

    Collaborate with other teachers or have students in various classrooms collaborate using Google Hangout. Use the tutorial below to get started.
    How to Setup a Google Hangout On Air (March 2015)

    Teacher Spotlight

    Virtual Reading Buddies- Using Google Hangout

    Big image
    Students in the Strategic Reading class at AHHS read to the Kindergarten students at Herig Elementary. This was done with the use of the teacher's Chromebook and Google Hangout. The students look forward to this time each week. Thank you to Mrs. Wilson (AHHS) and Ms. Donald (Herig) for trying something new with Google. Email a Technology Coach if you are interested in becoming virtual reading buddies with students across the district.
    20151112 085857

    Chester Miller- 2nd Graders

    Moving Right Along...

    Chester Miller Elementary second grade teachers, Diana Boudiab and Stacey Corrigan have been integrating technology with their 2nd Graders daily. The children are developing word processing skills, creativity through Google Draw, and producing presentations through Google Slides. These second graders are actively doing Internet Research, Participating in AR (accelerated reading)-independently, FasttMath, Pearson, and District assessments. These activities, which integrate technology, are the first steps to technological literacy!


    What should I do if I'm having trouble connecting to the network?

    • Use Chrome for your web browser.
    • If an application is not working as expected, log off your computer and log back in.
    • If the issue persists, log off and try logging into another computer. If the issue follows you, please contact the help desk to have your profile cleared.
    • “User profile service failed the logon” – double check your cables and try to log in again. If the issue persists, an IT work order is needed.
    • “No logon servers available” – this is generally due to network cables not being connected correctly.
    • Unplug and re-plug the network cable at the wall (usually blue), and check the cable plugged into the phone, or from the phone to the computer. Usually if the network cable is not plugged in correctly, your phone won’t work correctly either.
    • If the phone isn’t working correctly, it’s probably plugged into the wrong network jack.
    • In general, if your computer or SmartBoard doesn’t appear to be working correctly, check the power plugs, network cables, and the power strip if your equipment is plugged into one. Power everything off, and power up peripherals first, then your computer.

    How do I log in to the network?

    • Your network login is generally last name, first initial (or in some cases it may have an additional number with your last name or letter with your first initial). Please don’t add after your login name when logging into the network.
    • If you want to change your network log in from the default (recommended), hold the ctrl/alt/del keys on the keyboard and let go. Choose the change password option. Please choose a password that has at least 8 characters if you want to change your email password to match (Google requires 8 characters).

    How do students and myself log in to the Google platform?

    • In order to log into your email, you must use after your network login.
    • You can change your password in settings/accounts
    • It’s recommended that you make it the same as your network login, but not required.
    • Student Google logins require
    • Student network logins are generally last name and first initial
    • When students are not able to log into Google, please double check what they are typing. They often miss the periods after k12. Another issue is that they are not using all 8 digits of their birthdates in the mmddyyyy format.

    What is Student Account Manager and how do I use it?

    • All teachers should have access to the student account manager.
    • This allows you to see if a student is “checked” for email and internet access.
    • If checked for the first time, the access for internet is immediate. The email access should activate the next day. If not, please notify the help desk.
    • If the student’s birthdate is incorrect in student account manager, please notify the help desk.

    How do I log in and utilize Skyward?

    Start/All programs/Skyward/Employee access
    • This is not access to your gradebook
    • login/password is the same as your network login/password
    • Do not use for the login

    • Gradebook:
    • Two options: or Start/Allprograms/Skyward student
    • login/password is the same as your network login/password
    • do not use for the login

    Assessment Tools

    Efficient grading, data collection, engage reluctant learners and immediate feedback to direct instruction.


    A fun multiplayer classroom activity, that allows your students to practice together. Create your own quiz, use a public quiz (allows edits)

    video tutorial: Length 1 min 20 secs.


    Formative Everything! Check for student growth beyond Multiple Choice! Students can type, draw and submit images. Real time intervention and LIVE Feedback. Set up is easy. Click here for Library of free formative assignments! (File >make a copy: for your use)

    Video Tutorial: Length 16 mins 55 secs (Shorter videos available via youtube)

    You can also update Any PDF/Doc into a digital assignment!

    Video tutorial: Length 3 mins 37 secs


    Create, play and share games for any subject! Fun Gaming!

    Video Tutorial: Length 9 mins 16 secs (Shorter videos available via youtube)


    Polling, quick questions, quizzes, exit and enter slips. Great for grouping and interventions! Competition!

    Video Tutorial: 23 minutes 19 secs (Shorter video available via YouTube) Plus, a great video demo is on the site! (approx. length 1 minute)

    Food for Thought

    Man vs. Machine: Achieving the Proper Balance

    By: Cynthia Ashford

    Depending, on your age, you can recall some of the unimaginable technology feats that thrilled us as we watched the Jetsons on Saturday morning. Honestly, some of those unimaginable(s) are now real life. For instance, Mr. Jetson had to “visibly” pretend to be sick when conversing with his boss because of the video phone. Well nowadays folks, we have Skype, Facetime, and even Google Hangouts in our suite of Google Apps. As fascinating as some of the latest and greatest technology may be, we have to remember that the human touch is understood and needed by all mankind. Though artists create their masterpiece with a brush and canvas, an educator’s canvas is the mind of the student. As professionals, we must keep this in mind in the age of technology. Don’t misunderstand the gentle prod. As a former Computer Programmer, I celebrate and appreciate the advantages that technology brings in and out of the classroom. But as an educator, I understand the value of recognizing the learning style of each student and using as many learning props as possible, especially you, the classroom teacher. In this day and age the teacher must function more as facilitator than as a lecturer. In that role, the teacher’s greatest strength will be their ability to achieve the proper balance in identifying and utilizing all resources available for the student. Technology is extremely beneficial tool, and I’ll even submit necessary, in the classroom in order to compete in a technological society. The most effectively used technology vehicle though is driven by human hands.