BY: Ellen Hopkins

Story Elements

Crank is a book that's in the present time. The main conflict of this book is that a girl name Kristina meets a guy that's really not good for her and get her and gets her into doing drugs.This book begins with Kristina being with her mom but things are not going so good so she go stay with her dad.

Character Analysis

I believe that the main character Kristina is brave, con seeded, and every easy to control. The character is motivated by Adam because he motivate her into doing the drugs that she know is bad for her but he still convince her to do them. In my opinion I dislike Kristina because she keep saying that she is going to stop doing drugs for her and the people that she love but she is still doing it. I think that if she really wanted to stop so bad and help the people that's around her then she will try a little bit harder to stop. The relationship between Kristina and her mom is bad because they cant even be in the same room with each other and that's why she had to go stay with her dad and why she got into these bad things that's shes doing.


Doing things thats not good for you can do alot of things to you, put you through alot of things and lose people thats close to you that you love. Due to her doing drug she lost alot of people that she loved like he family members and her friends. She also had to go to rehad. While she was taking the drugs they also put her in to alot of mental issues.


My rating for this book is a 9 because its really good and it gives teens life lessons that they could go through. Yes, i do think that teens can relate to this book because many teens now a days are doing through the same thing that she was going through because they are getting pressured into doing drugs.