November-December Newsletter

It's the End of Semester Edition

Mr. Ellington's Core+ class contributed articles to this edition.

1st Semester Comes to a Close

As we come to the end of first semester, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the last several months. There have been so many opportunities for student’s to grow. Gone are the days of struggling to use locker combinations each and every passing period, figuring out the alternating schedules each day, and determining the right time to plan a restroom stop. Planning ahead by days and not minutes for tests and quizzes is starting to occur. New friendships have been forged, independence is beginning to emerge more each day, and with that confidence as well. All of us will benefit from some reflection of where we have moved in the last four and half months. There will still be challenges to face and opportunities to strategize solutions, but part of appreciating the journey is viewing the path that has already been conquered. Enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of school. We hope you return energized and ready for the next part of the adventure.

Science News

In the month of November 2015 students did the invasive species project. The students in Mr. Ellington's class were working on this project for about a month.Students were dressing up for this event. Scientist Erik Fisher for the Department of Natural Resources was walking around reading the sixth graders displays. Mr. Ellington then sixth grade science teacher for team justice said that he loves the way that this project helps to build teamwork skills,and help the sixth graders to get better researching skills. We finished the rest of our Ecology unit in December including interactions and the always popular, photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

Wellness Update

In wellness, we have played, razzle dazzle, flag football, pickleball and badminton. Razzle dazzle was played as ultimate frisbee, but with a football. It is like normal football, but instead of facing someone you pulled their flag (which is a sock on each on your hip) and they were down.

Next is Pickleball, pickleball is a mix of ping pong and tennis. Pickleball is played with a whiffle ball and a ping pong sized racket. You serve the ball over the net with the racket and if the other team doesn't hit it after one bounce you score. If they do hit it you just keep playing until you score or you switch with the person next to you. Finally we played badminton, badminton is when you hit a little birdie (which is not a real bird it is a foam ball with plastic on the bottom) over the volleyball net with an a “extended” tennis racket. You score if they don't hit it back over.

We've been focused on health the last few weeks and have worked tirelessly on completing our tobacco projects for Mr. Cole. Classes were will filled with some great videos and information about the hazards of tobacco use.

Focus on Language Arts

Student's file into Mrs. Kovach’s class every block to learn reading, writing, and grammar. There are many activities that are repeating in this language arts class daily. In regular 6th grade language arts, we are writing character analyses on characters we read in short stories. We are also doing the 10 things independent book project, in which students read a book and write their top ten favorite things about it. We are reading The Boy in the Wooden Box. This is a book about a Jewish boy trying to survive life in Germany during World War II. We are writing theme analysis on The Boy in the Wooden Box. In Honors Language Arts, we are currently working on our theme analysis for “The Veldt”. “The Veldt” is a story in our Junior Great Book. Regularly, we work on our Magic Lense, which teaches us grammar. We have Word within the Word quizzes over stems. Mrs. Kovach reads read aloud books to us. Ours is The Giver. For this quarter, we are reading The Call of the Wild.We are working on our independent book projects. We get to read a book of our choice and do one of three projects on it.

Social Studies Spotlight

The month of November is a busy month. It’s the busiest month for Mr. Anderson’s students too. Currently he has been up to his neck with papers and presentations to grade. Out of all the activities Mr. Anderson has introduced, Bingo appears to be the students’ favorite. It may be due to the fact he is handing out Clay Cash by the tens, sadly, only winners get money. Some important things coming up are, Chapter 7 & 8 quiz, and the Midterm Assessment. The Geography Bee is also coming up. Many people are studying very hard for the Bee. This has been the Social Studies November Newsletter, thanks for reading!

Big image
Daniel Tanner was honored as one of the City of Carmel's winning essay writers in the Veterans' Day contest. Here is a picture of Daniel reading his essay at the festivities held in early November.

Mathematical Inspiration

This month in team justice (6th grade) math classes. There are four different types of math, Regular, Advanced, Honors, and Advanced Honors. In regular

math they are learning how to

  • Divide with Decimals

  • Divide with Fractions

In advanced math they are learning how to

  • Slopes & Graphs

  • 2 Step Equations

In honors math they are learning how to

  • Substitution & Elimination methods

  • Solving systems of linear equations

And in the final math group advanced honors they are

  • Using rate, distance & time problems

  • Mixture problems

Clay Way Students

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready to Learn

Be Full of Pride

These are the tenets of the Clay Way. We have had many students that demonstrate this daily, but we have a small list of individuals we'd like to recognize this month.

Matthew Rodgers

Allie Bodenhamer

Nyle Nasir

Kylah Guieb

Mansi Singh

Dhillon Parikshak

Claire Qu

Jennifer Karakash

Eli Mercer

Congratulations!!! Job well done!

1st Semester Leadership Award Breakfast

Anna Thorp and Joey Duncan were recognized as top leaders from Team Justice at our Fall Leadership Breakfast. To be sure we are fortunate to have a number of outstanding individuals on our team, but Anna and Joey stood out in our minds for this event. Both are fantastic contributors to the classroom and to their peers. We have appreciated their talents and efforts throughout the quarter.

Mrs. Kovach is due soon!

Mrs. Kovach is expecting a new daughter in the first half of January. All has gone well, and she and her family are thrilled to welcome their new addition. With that comes a change in staffing on our team. Mrs. Kovach will be out the rest of the school year. Ms. Jennifer Hunt will be filling the role of Language Arts teacher on our team for that time. We look forward to providing a larger welcome and more details about Ms. Hunt once she has joined us in January. Look for that in our January newsletter.

Green Team Arriving Soon

In the 2016, listen for announcements from Mr. Anderson about this new, emerging group.


Students return to classes on Tuesday, January 5. This will be a Red Day (check those calendar magnets) and the first day of quarter 3. Students received a fresh copy of their schedule this week (or shall receive it during first period on the first day back).