Americas Actions: Proud or Ashamed

By Charlotte Storrs

Industrialization: Political

Laissez faire means that businesses and companies could do what they want with no interference from the government. With the government leaving the businesses to do as the please, it let the consumers get products for better prices, the businessses were free to provide insufficent products. What little the gov't had done, was not necissarily good. taxing the manufacturers to give more to the poor made no sense.
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Insustrializtion: Economic

With the growth of the economy, it was a cycle of cities growing, leading to new jobs, which lead to more people coming and having to make the cities larger. With more people coming, new technology arose. I am proud of America for the growth that it has accomplished, yet i am not proud of the monopolies that were a result of the economic growth.
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Industrialization: Social

Social classes growing, the lives of the lower classes were yet to improve. the gap between upper and lower classes continues to grow. With the higher class getting richer, middle class growing, and the lower class remaining poor. Because of the lack of care for those who were not as privileged, who had to live dangerous dreary lives, i am not proud of how America dealt with the changes in social status.
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Immigration: Political

Immigrants coming to America usually had to live in crowded tenement buildings. and in turn turned to political bosses for help. Political Machines arose throughout and corrupted the democracy in America. For example, the Tammany leaders would offer housing and jobs in exchange for votes and loyalty to the democratic party. I am not proud of how the government was so easily corrupted, leading to unfair elections.
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Immigration: Economic

Immigrants came from England and Europe to America. In turn, they made up a large portion of the work force. With certain companies getting increased labor, certain industries thrived. While some remained the same. I am proud of America for allowing immigrants to work for their worth.
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