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West Times Newsletter 5-17-2021


Social and Emotional Wellness Resources

As we continue to face challenges and navigate difficult times, we are including Social and Emotional Wellness Resources that may be helpful to our students, staff and families. Students and adults may display a range of thoughts and emotions when presented with various circumstances. We recommend to continue engaging in conversations with your child. As always, please reach out to your child’s counselor if you have questions or concerns.


If your student does not follow these instructions for downloading the UPDATED College Board Digital Testing App, they will not be able to access their at-home digital AP Exam on their testing day.

Click here for a PDF version of the AP information.

Unfortunately, the College Board continues to make updates to the Digital Testing, and you need to make sure you have the most recent App. Please take one of the following actions to download the Digital Testing App, depending on your present situation. After installing the App, please follow the steps 4 through 7 below.


1. I have never installed AP College Board Digital Testing App:

2. I already installed AP College Board from Company Portal – it was working and it is now not:
  • Uninstall the app from add/remove programs
  • 1. In the “magnifying glass”/search bar on your computer’s taskbar – that spot next to the Windows button in the lower left of your screen – type “Add or remove.”
  • 2. You should see a result for “Add or remove programs.” Open that.
  • 3. In a few moments, your computer will display a list of all apps currently installed. Find “2021 Digital AP Exams” near or at the top. Click on it, then click on “Uninstall.” Confirm uninstallation.
  • Download from this AP College Board link and re-install : https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap-2021/updates/digital-exams/download-testing-app

3. I have uninstalled the old App, downloaded the new App from the link above, and tried to install and am still having an issue:

After installing the Digital Testing App, please complete the following steps:

4. Log in to the Digital Testing App using your College Board username and password.

5. Practice with sample questions in the digital testing app. This will allow you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the testing app.
  • Complete questions similar to those on the actual exam (students will receive a score and a rubric from their practice test, which will provide a snapshot of their exam readiness.)
  • Ensure that your App is compatible with the device you are testing on.

6. Load your exam into the Digital Testing app 1-3 days before each digital exam you are taking. If you do not do this, you may not be able to access your test on Testing Day.

7. Check in to each digital exam 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.

May 18, 2021

Primary elections are being held on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021, and as some of our schools are polling places, students will be learning virtually this day. Teachers will be in-person at their respective schools to deliver live, synchronous instruction for the day, following our regular bell schedule.

Study Abroad Course: Spain 2022

There will be an informational meeting for the Study Abroad: Spain 2022 course on Tuesday, May 18th at 6:30pm.

This will be a LIVE Teams event.

*Check the website on Tuesday at the end of the school day for the Teams link.


Success Plan – Now Due!

All CB West Students should have completed the required state Success Plan Tasks. If you have not yet finished your assigned tasks, please visit your CANVAS Dashboard to access the “Class of 20xx” House Team course and the Success Plan module. PDF instructions and how-to videos will guide students through the requirements. All Success Plan Tasks must be completed prior to June 4, 2021. Please reach out to your school counselor with any questions.

West Spring Concerts

Click on the flyer below for dates and times of performances.

Livestream Link:

CB West Orchestra Concert

Graduation and other Important Information for Seniors

With the Governor’s announcement of lifting event and gathering limitations beginning May 31st, we are pleased to let you know that we will now be able to host a traditional Graduation with no attendance restrictions. Please visit the Class of 2021 Page on the CB West website for details and other important information for seniors.

Attention Seniors: Important Information for Graduation

Monday, April 12th is the first day of the 4th Marking Period. For Seniors, this means that if you are charged with a violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy during the 4th Marking Period, you may not be permitted to participate in graduation/any other commencement activities. We are required to remind you of this policy statement.

Senior Mosaic

The Class of 2021 is excited to announce that they will be selling a fantastic keepsake this year for all seniors to purchase. The “Senior Mosaic” is a large picture (12x18) that is made up of senior portrait thumbnails. Order now through MyPaymentsPlus. Sales have been extended through Friday, May 21. Click here for details!

Senior Spotlights

The Senior Class Council is highlighting seniors and their post-high school plans on the Instagram account @cbw21decisions. To be included in these Senior Spotlights, please Click Here to submit your information to class council.

Senior Graduation DVD and USB Order Form

Order a DVD or USB flash drive with professional quality to enjoy the graduation ceremony for years to come. Purchase for you or family members!


Spring Keystone Exam Information

Please see the Spring Keystone Administration Schedule below and please take note that students who are not testing will receive asynchronous instruction online at home on May 20, 24, and 26. For more information about Keystone Exams, please CLICK HERE FOR THE CB WEST KEYSTONE EXAM PAGE

Final Exam and Last Week of School Schedule

  • Wednesday, June 2nd: Regular Day - English Final Exams Due and 'B' Day students AP Psychology Final Exam
  • Thursday, June 3rd: Regular Day - Social Studies Final Exams Due and AP Psychology, AP Macro and AP Micro Final Exams during class.
  • Friday, June 4th: Regular Day - World Language and Advanced Placement Computer Science Final Exams administered during class.
  • Monday, June 7th: Regular Day - Science Final Exams administered during class.
  • Tuesday, June 8th: Regular Day - Math Final Exams administered during class.
  • *Wednesday, June 9th: Early Dismissal Day due to graduation practice in the afternoon. Asynchronous Day for students except those needing to make-up exams.
  • *Thursday, June 10th: Early Dismissal Day. Only 10th and 11th grade students report to school. Graduation Day!
  • *Friday, June 11th: Early Dismissal Day. Only 10th and 11th grade students report to school.

*For the Early Dismissal days, transportation will be provided in the morning for arrival and again at 10:45 for dismissal.

MBIT End of School Year Information

There are several dates coming up at the end of the year when MBIT has a full day, but CB West has a half day. In addition, there are days when MBIT has school, but CB West is closed.

CB last day of school: June 11

MBIT last day of school: June 16

Please click here for details regarding transportation.

CBSD Summer Community Programs

Beat summer boredom! CBSD's community school is offering summer sports camps, mock trial, music & arts camps, and many other activities - register through MyPaymentsPlus at https://www2.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome beginning May 17!

Modified Quarantine

CBSD’s Board of School Directors approved changes to the district’s health and safety plan, including implementation of modified quarantine protocols beginning on Monday, April 19, 2021. More details may be found on our website at www.cbsd.org/2020-21. Review updated questions and answers at www.cbsd.org/help.

Health & Safety Plan Infographic

Click on the picture below for details. Or click here.


We follow the same attendance policies outlined in the Pennsylvania Act 138 attendance policies and as described in our Student handbook. Importantly, attendance is compulsory and students are expected to be on time daily. Teachers will be taking attendance each block through Infinite Campus, our student management system. In the event that a student is late or absent, please email or call the CB West Attendance Office. If we do not receive notification and/or if an absence or lateness is not excused, attendance meetings and letters may be warranted.

5-Day In-Person Students

  • If a student should be physically present in the building but is staying home, we require a communication from the parents or guardians following the guidelines for an excused absence (see guidelines below). Please email our attendance office at westattendance@cbsd.org. At the school level, this is the same as if students were in the building in a traditional sense because anytime a student is supposed to be here physically but is not, a note is required to excuse the absence. There are many reasons for this, which primarily fall under liability and safety, but it is also important for our state attendance records and for teacher lesson planning.

  • If a student is not in school (but attending online) the initial absence code will be “absent” until we have a communication from the parent/guardian with a valid excuse per the School Board Policy guidelines below. The attendance code will be changed to “VP = Virtual Present” once we have the communication from the parent/guardian. When possible, we ask for the communication in advance of the absence so we can make sure the teachers are aware, and it also ensures us that parents/guardians have granted permission for their child to remain at home.

Virtual Students

  • If a student does not attend class, the student will be marked absent until we receive the communication from parents with a valid excuse.
  • Note – If a student logs in initially, but leaves the call or does not engage, the teachers will mark the student absent with a comment so parents can see this information and reach out to us as needed.

All Students - Excused Absences

Per CBSD School Board Policy 204, the following situations would be deemed as an excused absence from school:

Book/Item Distribution and Return

Details of Regular Procedures: We will continue to have a pick-up/drop off for 100% virtual students only on the dates listed below from 2:00pm-4:00pm in the CB West Cafeteria. Students who are participating 100% online will retrieve needed materials as communicated by teachers. Students can also return books or other curricular items by placing it in a labeled bin. Please park in the Junior lot off of MacFarlane Lane and enter the cafeteria. Please wear a mask and keep 6 feet social distancing at all times. Only 1 person per family may come into the building. Please bring a bag or bookbag to carry your items.

Process: Please find your placard, take the items under the placard, and leave the placard on the table at your spot.

Important: Please leave all name labels on any and all items given to you. This will be essential when you return items.

Larger Items: Teachers will communicate with you if you have larger items to pick up. Large items will be labeled with your name and will be in the back of the cafeteria in the large-item section.

Forthcoming Dates: The following are the Thursday dates for pick up and drop off of items mapped out through the remainder of the year (just in case and subject to change).

  • 5/27/21
  • 6/8/21

Marching Band Spring Training

The CB West Marching Band Spring Training for new and prospective members is happening THIS WEEK! All students currently in grades 8-11 enrolled in Band, Orchestra, Choir, or those who are interested in learning something new are encouraged to attend! This is a chance for all prospective members of the CBWMB to meet the current members and staff, play a little bit, march a little bit, and have a great time before registering for the 2021 season. We are also looking for students with an interest in dance or spinning flags to the join award-winning CBWMB Color Guard!

Please see the flyer for details about rehearsal dates and times, then complete the CBWMB Spring Training RSVP Form. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the brand new CB West Marching Bucks 2021 Promo Video!

Feel free to send any questions to Mr. Delson (ndelson@cbsd.org)!

From the Nurse

Each year, Pennsylvania requires schools to complete health screenings for students. We have begun this process and hope to complete as many students as possible during the remainder of the year.

If your student is virtual, you may contact the Nurse.

Once completed, height and weight measurements can be found on the Parent Portal. Parents/Guardians will be contacted following the screenings if there is a concern.

If you prefer that your child be exempted from the health screenings, please contact Mrs. Klein cklein@cbsd.org

Bucks Human Services Connect - The Hub!

Bucks County Division of Human Services is pleased to launch - The Hub!

Click here for details.

Save the Music Foundation

Big picture

CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay

CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay will take place on Wednesday, 5/26 from 4-5 PM. Produce, eggs, milk, dairy, bread, and groceries. The market runs every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. All are welcome and if you know of another CB family in need, please share!

Boomerang for May

MAY #40 POSITIVE VIEW OF PERSONAL FUTURE: Young person is optimistic about their personal future.

Click here for details about how to nominate a student.

*CB Cares Educational Foundation has supported students, educators, and parents in the CB School District for more than 20 years. One of the CB Cares initiative is the Boomerang Youth Award. This district-wide monthly program recognizes and honors youth in our community for exemplifying and living by one of the chosen Developmental Assets®. More information about The Boomerang Award can be found here à CB CARES BOOMERANG AWARD

Grab and Go Meals

*Please Note: Food will only be available for the general student body during the breakfast times and dismissal. You may bring in your own food for snack break or save the grab and go breakfast for snack break. There will be no food available at snack break for students other than MBIT students coming back to West and/or leaving West at that time.

  • Grab and Go breakfast will be available daily between 7:00 AM-7:25 AM at three locations: Lobby near the Court Street Café, in the cafeteria, and at the end of the “B” hallway.
  • If you have Late Arrival, Grab and Go breakfast will be available outside of the lobby near the Court Street Café.
  • Grab and Go lunch will be available daily between 1:15 PM – 1:30 PM at four locations: Lobby near the Court Street Café, in the athletics hallway, in the D hallway near the Security office, and at the end of the “B” hallway.
  • If you have AM MBIT, food will also be available in room D135 when you arrive to West.
  • If you have PM MBIT, Grab and Go bags are in room D135 before leaving school.
  • If you have Early Release, Grab and Go bags are in the lobby near the Court Street Café.
  • Parents may also pick-up meals for students on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:30am - 12:00pm at the Faculty Parking Lot 'Bubble' entrance at CB West.

Class of 2023 - Exclusion from Post Secondary Schools and Military Recruiters

Please click here for an important letter from the district. Letters must be signed and returned to the CB West Guidance office by June 1st if a student is to be excluded from the recruiters list.


The State of Pa. requires that all Juniors have a physical on file in the Health Office. As your student goes to the doctor for driver’s permits, working papers, etc., remember to turn in a copy of the physical. Physicals dated the first day of Sophomore year or later will be excepted as a Junior physical. If your child plays sports, this physical will count as well.


Reminder that a physical is required for all Juniors. A meningitis vaccine is also required after your child’s 16th birthday and must be completed prior to entering 12th grade.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP is Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program for uninsured children and teens up to age 19.

Click on the link for more information about CHIP.

Click on the link for the online application.


CB West Virtual Art Show Presentation

The CB West Art Department is proud to share the 2020-21 CB West Virtual Art Show! We are so proud of our students and hope you enjoy seeing their creativity and talent!

WeVideo: https://www.wevideo.com/view/2176114177

Youtube: https://youtu.be/jUTtfEle8tw