Carolina Pearls Newsletter

May 2013

What an incredible month for our team!!!!

While I reflect on this month, I can see it will be a game changer for many of you for your business and future with Stella & Dot. I am shocked at how this month really turned around for many when it came to sales and sponsoring. It is always easy to forget that 90% of Stella & Dot's business is done the last week of the month.

These were the highlights:

The Greenville stylists had a pleasant surprise when our Senior Director, Jeanne Poole came to visit and help with the Meet Stella & Dot Opportunity event. Thank you Jillian Holmes and Kelli Stanley for organizing.

Many of you set goals this month and met or exceeded them. Laura Reynolds had her best month ever with Stella & Dot selling $9,502. Some of you relaunched your business (Bonnie Wallace and Bridget Rutledge), one got qualified their first month with the company (Hannah Goswick), and there were stylists that sponsored for the very first time (Kelli Stanley, Lauren Whitfield, Katie Hinely, and Mandy Owens) and two promotions (Katie Hinely and Mandy Owens). I am seeing a trend, the stylists that are sponsoring are top in sales for the Pearls. Sponsoring makes you accountable in your business.

We are having a contest this month to beat your best sales month! If you beat your best month, you will be treated at Hoopla or a special night in Charlotte. I have this posted on our FB page and you must list by Friday your best month sales numbers and that you are participating in the contest.

I cannot wait to see all the promotions we will be celebrating at Hoopla. If you want to know more about sponsoring and layering your income, feel free to reach out to me. Let's move mountains in May!!!



The Fabulous "21" in Sales with the Carolina Pearls!

Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus!!!!

1.**** Laura Reynolds**** $9,868 STAR

2. Kelli Stanley $5,020 LEAD STYLIST

3. Mandy Owens $4,038 LEAD STYLIST

4. Lauren Whitfield $3,265

5. Kim Mosley $3,090

6. Jennifer Holleran $2,927

7. Dana Sellers $2,505 DIRECTOR

Here are the stylists that were qualified for the month!

8. Chrissy Colburn $2,105 SENIOR STYLIST

9. Kristan Whitman $1,731

10. Cindy Epps $1,521 LEAD STYLIST

11. Heather Myers $1,432 LEAD STYLIST

12. Heather Stepp $1,408 LEAD STYLIST

13. Taylar Hoffman $1,309

14. Amy ZImmer $1,701 LEAD STYLIST

15. Katie Hinely $793 LEAD STYLIST

16. Alison Blalock $768

17. Hannah Goswick $648

18. Bridget Rutledge $597

19. Kimberly Cochran $519

20. Bonnie Wallace $518

21. Jillian Holmes $503 LEAD STYLIST

Top in Sponsoring!

Laura Reynolds-4
Katie Hinely-2
Kelli Stanley-2
Lauren Whitfield-1
Jillian Holmes-1
Mandy Owens-1

Look who Promoted!

Mandy Owens-Lead Stylist
Katie Hinely-Lead Stylist

Here are our newest Carolina Pearls!

Big image
Erin Perry
Big image
Kelly Brady
Big image
Hannah Goswick
Big image
Ginger West
Big image
Rita Straker
Big image
Ivette Addington
Big image
Paula Chrismon
Big image
Robin Reynolds
Not pictured: Dana Tarr, Kelly Bowers and Sherry Page


If you are sponsoring please make sure to get your new stylists added to our team FB page. Most of our communications is through the FB page and we would not want to leave anyone out!

Do not forget to post today your personal best on our FB page and if you are up for our team challenge.