The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die



  • Lost memory
  • Teenage girl
  • Only person she trusts is Ty
  • Two men have beaten her and she is trying to get away
  • She does not know why they are trying to kill her
  • Brave
  • Keeps moving forward no matter what obstacle comes
  • Set a goal to retrieve her memory and uncover everything

Rising action

  • Candace runs away from the men trying to kill her and finds Ty, a local teenage boy on his own who helps her. Candace only trusts him and tells him everything that has happened.
  • While Candace stays at Ty's house the men find her and ask to go over the apartment but Candace and Ty escape out the back of the apartment. While leaving a lady on the radio claims to be Candace's aunt. Candace not knowing because of her memory loss goes out to find this claimed to be "aunt".
  • The women that claims to be her aunt brings her back to Candace's house because she thinks it will retrieve her memory seeing the place she grew up in.
  • The two men who tried to Kill Candace cam into the house and she and Ty are trapped by them and her aunt. Her aunt told her that her name was Elizabeth and that she was her parents boss. She explained to her how she told the two men to kidnap her and try to receive any information about her families whereabouts for they have the vaccine of a disease Elizabeth and the company made.
  • Candace doesn't tell any of them information she could even think of so they threaten to kill Ty but he throws Candace a knife from the kitchen counter and she threatens them to let him go.


  • Candace traps the two men and Elizabeth and regains her memory. She found out that her brain had shut down due to the tragic and fear of her being kidnapped. She called her parents and they told her to go and get more of the vaccine from the businesses headquarters because her little brother had caught the disease and they did not have enough of the vaccine for him and he would die in a matter of hours.
  • Ty and Candace crept into the secured building and went into the room with the vaccine but Elizabeth's boss, the one who crafted this mess came to stop them. In a moment of panic Candace through the vaccine into a fire and was knocked out but when she woke up she was in the hospital. The police station had gotten the fire call came in and arrested Kirk, Elisabeth's boss. With them not trying to stop them Candace's parents made more of the vaccine and saved her brother but they would not have been able to without Candace and Ty.


The girl who was supposed to die is a suspenseful story about a young teenage girl who set a goal accomplished it while trying to recover her memory while two men are after her and her family. When Candace wakes up not knowing who she is or where she is. Candace runs away from the men into a McDonald's where she meets Ty, the only person she trusts about everything that has happened to her. Because she has no home, Ty allows Candace to stay with him but the men track her down to his house and they ran away. While running away from the men, a women on a news station is being interviewed. The women being interviewed claims she is Candace's "aunt Elizabeth" . Ty and Candace set off to find her in upper Oregon. When they arrive Elizabeth brings Ty and Candace to Candace's house. Elizabeth thought seeing her old house would have helped gain her memory. While in her house the two men cam back and trapped Candace and Ty. Elizabeth explained that she was one of the bosses at her parents company and she sent the two men to capture Candace to give up information about her parents where abouts. Elizabeth needed this information because the little vaccine they had at the company was not enough for their plan to start a virus, but Candace's parents where the only ones who knew the recipe. In addition the men and Elizabeth threaten to kill Ty if Candace refuses to tell them any information about her family. Ty quickly throws Candace a knife off the kitchen counter and Candace threatens back. She and Ty then tie the men and Elizabeth to the bed so they can not get out. Candace regains her memory and she calls her parents where they tell her to get the remains of the vaccine from the head quarters because her little brother has gotten sick and they have no more vaccine where they are. If Candace does not find the vaccine in time her brother will be dead. Her and Ty ran into the business and gain possession of the leftover vaccine, but Kirk Elisabeth boss follows them in. In a matter of panic seeing Kirk Candace throws the vaccine into the laboratory oven nearby and burns the vaccine so theirs no more. The smoke from the oven knocks out Candace and Ty but when she wakes up the sight of her little brother, mom and dad are the first things she sees. Her parents were able to make more vaccine but they would not have been able to without Ty and Candace. In conclusion, this story is suspenseful and shows how one girl set a goal and did not let anything get in her way.


The theme of this story is to set a goal and not back down from it no matter what the circumstance and no matter what obstacles get in your way.


In my book Candace loses who memory just like a person suffering from amneisa would expirence loss of memory. One type of amneisa (The one Candace expirenced) is retrograde amneisa. According to Why-Sci retrograde is whre "all memories prior to a certain point are whiped out." Like Candace a retrograde is triggered when a trama occurs (Why-Sci). "Other forms include transient global amneisa, which is a temporary loss of memory." Transient global amneisa is where a person takes a hit or blow to the head. Almost all amneisa problems are caused by a trauma, hit to the head, or disease just like Candace in my book.


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