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Edition 36 - Friday, 16th November, 2018

A Note from the Principal

Creating a school community that displays support and trust is something that is done together. The Staff and I at Healesville Primary School are consistently building relationships with our students and families to create a community. It is important as teachers to know your community and what they value. At times we can feel disconnected from our community and it is our responsibility as teachers and parents to ensure students connect with their peers and build the relationships with staff.

As part of our school curriculum every class participates in 'Rock n' Water' sessions each week to build resilience skills and strategies. This term in 'Rock n' Water' our focus is on Resilience. We are learning about gratitude, mindfulness and empathy. All of these help us to become more resilient. Gratitude is important for our emotional health. It has been shown that when people regularly practise gratitude, they feel more positive, optimistic and enthusiastic about their lives. They are kinder, sleep, eat and exercise better, feel less stressed and are better able to cope with stressful situations. If we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude, it becomes a habit to look for the positive things in our world.

This term we have had lots of wonderful discussion about all the things we are lucky to have, and each student has made a leaf for our Gratitude Trees, which are on display in the Rock & Water room. It’s really beautiful to read about all the things the students appreciate and value in their lives. As “homework”, each student begins their day by thinking of 3 things to be grateful for or look forward to and we share some of these each week in our circle time.

We are now working on learning about mindfulness. This helps to improve attention and focus, helps self-regulation and teaches us to create space between things that happen, and how we react to them, so that our reactions become more thoughtful. It is an important skill to practice in our fast paced world. In our games and activities we have been learning to focus mindfully on one task. We also end each lesson with some quiet meditation time.

In coming weeks we will focus on the value of empathy, understanding how others feel and how our actions affect others. Students already have a good knowledge of this as we practice often.

And of course we have a lot of fun! Playing games that teach us teamwork, self regulation, body control and awareness and respect for each other.

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Tuesday 20 November

School Council Meeting 7:30pm

Thursday 22 November

HUSH Education Yr 5/6

HHS Transition Visit for Yr6 students

Friday 23 November

Grade 3 Bike Education

Monday 26 - Friday 30 November

Life Education Week

Monday 26 November

Bookclub Issue 8 Due back

Wednesday 28 November

Yr 5 Trade Training Day at HHS

Thursday 29 November

HUSH Education Yr 5/6

Friday 30 November

Grade 3 Bike Education

Tuesday 4 December

Parent Helper Morning Tea

Friday 7 December

Grade 3 Bike Education

Tuesday 11 December

Yr 6 Secondary School Orientation Day

Prep Orientation Day

Friday 14 December

Kew Traffic School - Year 3

Monday 17 December

Captains Day

Tuesday 18 December

Year 6 Graduation Evening 6pm

Wednesday 19 December

Grade 3 Warburton Trail Bike Hike

Pupil Packs available for pick up.

Thursday 20 December

Year 3/4 End of Year Cinema/Picnic Excursion

Year 5/6 Queens Park Pool Day

Pupil Packs available for pick up.

Friday 21 December

Pupil Packs available for pick up.

Last Day of the Year - Early close at 1.30

PB: Jayden L, Ty M & Kasey S PV: Blake D & Lewis C

1T: Axel R & Maya R 1/2H: Annelise C & Evan H

2G: Matilda G, Asher B, Max L, Cooper M & Evelyn B

3B: Monique W 3/4L: Charli L 4S: Skylar G

5/6S: Imogen B 5/6W: Riley F

P6J: Bradley M

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General Information

Canteen Menu

Click here to order your uniforms online
Please click here to order your uniforms online.

School Login Details: Username - HPS Password - HPS

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If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afterschool Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.

Coming up on the 19th of November we will be having some special guests arriving at After School Care as they are part of our COMMUNITY.

We are expecting the Healesville Fire Brigade at 4.30 pm on Monday 19th of November.

So if you would like to get your children to attend on this day you will need to book on line.

Stacey, Bob , Tayla, Brooke & Caitlin from Camp Australia where we make children smile

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Are you experiencing domestic violence?

Help is available

Located at this school on select days, or by appointment, is a local specialist family violence service to support members of our school community who may be experiencing family violence.

This free service can provide information and specialist support, or are available just to have a chat. If you would like to drop in or make an appointment with the EDVOS Family Violence worker, enquire with the school administration for further details.

Or call EDVOS directly on 9259 4200. If you are in immediate danger please call 000