Deadlest Earthquakes of the World



Ever wonder what it would be like to have an earthquake erupt right in front of your house? Or knowing that you could end up being homeless just because of 1 precious minute? Well if you live in Tangshan, china, Shanxi, China, or Syria, Egypt this has happened to more than thousands of people in these areas.

Tangshan, China

Not As Deadly As You Think

With only a distance of 2 hours and 16 min drive from Tangshan, China, to Beijing, China Tangshan got a lot of visitors. When having the world Olympics so close to you, you have to expect it to be packed. The Olympics drew a lot of people towards Tangshan’s direction. Tangshan has grown. Instead of being the leader in the coal industry it’s becoming a diversified city, which has boost its population to 1,596,949 people. Tangshan, China also holds great tourist sites including the Dacheng Mountains that has a great view from the top, and being located near the Bohai Sea is another plus to living in this town. So with these things in mind you can see why people chose Tangshan, China as their place to live.

The Location And Forming Of The Earthquake

Tangshan does not sit on a plate boundary. The earthquake was set off by theTancheng-Lujiang wrench fault system which is located east of the plate boundary kind of inland from the edge, which is where the Pacific plate is going beneath the continent. So when you have the India plate pushing northward and the Pacific plate pushing westward that’s when faults are created.


Tangshan has not had to live through any volcanic eruptions, but has had one of the most deadly earthquakes ever recorded. In 1976 an earthquake measured at least a 7.8 on the Richter scale and less than a day later a 7.1 magnitude aftershock was recorded. This earthquake killed 655,237 people and damaged almost every home and business. With the earthquake only lasting 1-2 minutes it cost the city over 20 million dollars for the repairs that took 35-36 years to complete. Tangshan is a great place to live except it can be a little dangerous because of the earthquakes.

By: Allison Bruck

Shaanxi China

Not As Safe As You May Think
Shaanxi, a fairly large country. People like this area because it is a peaceful country, has lots of old artifacts of dynasties, and it is one of the lower populated countries in China. The sculpture to the buildings, and the land. Most buildings are made to withstand earthquakes, up to a point. They use Chinese Bamboo, It is one of the strongest woods in the word.
Tectonics and Plates
The fault in which Shaanxi is located is a normal dip-slip fault. Normal dip-slip faults occur in when rocks are pulled apart. It tends to look like on piece of land is sliding off the other. Shaanxi China is located not on top of a continental plate boundary, but on top of a dip-slip fault.Which was a reason why there was such a deadly earthquake
Shaanxi's Records
The famous Shaanxi earthquake, is one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded. Other than the fact that they have more than 1,000 earthquakes actives recorded, but about 100 earthquakes a year.
By: Daniel Chapman

Syria, Egypt

Egypt, Syria

Why do people live there?

Settled in the Middle East, there is a place called Egypt. It is a pretty big country and has many cities. The one we are focusing on is a place called Syria. It has about 65 million people and it is massive. Egypt also holds a lot of attraction such as the great pyramids of Giza, the sphinx, and so forth. People live there because a lot of things are cheaper there and the economy is better.

What do we have to watch out for?
So far, Egypt hasn’t had volcanoes so you don't have to worry about volcanoes if you live there. But they have earthquakes from time to time. So you have to watch out when you are there. So Egypt can be pretty frequent with Earthquakes and the Earthquakes can be deadly. It probably isn’t the safest place in the world.

How dangerous are the earthquakes?
Egypt does sit on a plate boundary. It sits on the African Plate. Toward the upper east side of it. It sometimes can have earthquakes here and there so you have to watch out sometimes. Like the Egypt Syria earthquake, it killed 1,100,000 people!.The Egypt Syria measured 7.6 on the richter scale. So the earthquakes can frequent and deadly! So you might want to watch out for earthquakes there!


These places make great places for homes and to raise a family. Even knowing that there are chances for earthquakes to occur, you have to keep in mind every place has a slight chance of one occurring, but some have bigger chances than others.One of the main reasons for people choosing to live here even though they know about the dangerous of it is is the scenery and the tourist places. Tangshan, China, Shanxi, China, and Syria, Egypt have great places to see and visit which attract people to move there

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