The southeastern tribal groups

By: Chad Bates

6 facts about the southeastern group

  • Got their food by hunting- Ate buffalo
  • Nomadic tribes(moved around a lot)
  • Lived in Tepees
  • Made their clothing out of buffalo and deer hide, also wore feathers and paint.
  • One tribal leader lead each village
  • three tribal groups were the Apache, Comanche, and the Kiowa.
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2 Intresting facts about the southeastern group of indians

-In Georgia The state flower is the Cherokee rose since the Cherokee had settled there a long time.

-The Apache thought the number 4 was lucky because of the 4 directions.

Comparing and contrasting the 4 texan Indian group

The southeastern Indians were very stubborn people, but the southeastern group of Indians were also the smartest group of Indians. They were also the only Indians that had shot guns as their weaponry. The southeastern group was Nomadic so most of their clothes was made of buffalo skin and deer. They got their food from hunting so they ate a a a lot of buffalo. For the final fact they were the meanest group of Indians.