Greek Entertainment

By: Rebekah P. and Samantha F.

Welcome to Ancient Greece!!

There is a lot of entertainment right now, but what about the past? This poster will take you into Ancient Greece. What was their entertainment like? You are about to find out!!!

Some Of Their Entertainment!!

Knucklebone lesson
Note: Skip the first girl they show. She does a bad job at explaining and just laughs a lot. The second and third girl will teach you more about Knucklebones.
An Introduction to Greek Comedy and Satyr Drama

A Main Entertainment Source Is Music!!

Music Rocks!

Music in Greek times was much more complicated than music nowadays. One of the oldest music competitions are the Karnea in ancient Sparta, Greece. Some of Greek gods are music gods. These gods work with instruments and songs. Music is in many different celebrations. They include weddings, banquets, and social gatherings. Music is a big part of young kids' education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are only men allowed to play parts in the theater?

This website will give more information about Ancient Greek theater.

Why are girls not allowed to drink at the symposium's?

This website mainly talks about Ancient Greek Culture but if you go down to the Men and Woman section it will give you more information on the subject

What is the main music god of the Greek time?

This website will answer the question.

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