The Civil Rights Movement

by John Hinton

Equality And Its Change

The Civil Rights Movement was a big contributor to the United States becoming a more equal society. Although it was not effective immediately, it made many changes to the United States. Many big changes were desegregation, many equal employment opportunities, housing, education, and voting rights. Martin Luther King Jr. is to thank for all of this. Not only was he the main contributor, but he also was in many of the protests for this movement. The Civil Rights Movement was not an easy task to fulfill, but it was done and to the degree of which African Americans and Whites can all live together in an equal society.

Successful Methods

There were many successful methods and other unsuccessful methods in the movement. The most successful ones were accomplished by Martin Luther King and his followers. They were nonviolent, but caused much harm to the peaceful protesters. One that I think was a very successful was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott was started because of a woman named Rosa Parks. She was sitting at the front of the bus and was a black woman. At that time it was illegal to not pass up your seat to a white person and that's exactly what she did. The boycott lasted 13 months until segregation on buses was ruled unconstitutional.

Another successful method was sit-ins. In my opinion the most successful sit-in was the Greensboro sit-in. Though i think that it was the most successful, this was not the first or only sit-in. Many sit-ins happened all around the South and some weren't successful. The Greensboro sit-in even lifted the stores racial segregation policy. These sit-ins led to increased sentiment at a crucial time in US history.

The final method that I think was most successful in the Civil rights Movement was the marches. The marches often ended in a bloody massacre, but only for one side, the blacks. The most influential march was probably the Montgomery March. The reason it was so influential is because it was a march to get voting rights. The march took place in Montgomery and went all the way to Washington D.C. They also got their right to vote without being turned down.

Unsung Heroes of The Civil Rights Movement