Settings of the Novel

Ingolsadt, Orkney Island, Geneva


Ingolstadt Is a city in Southern Germany, this is basically the birth place of Frankenstein's monster. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was set at the Ingolstädter Alte Anatomie (Old Anatomy Building), now a museum for medical history. On a side note, the leader of "Order of Illuminati" was born here and initiated the Order there as well. It is home to many historical museums, many of which are about Mary Shelley's novels.
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Orkney Island

This island nation is a part of the United Kingdom, specifically in Scotland. This island is very far from Germany, where most of the Frankenstein novel takes place. Before the 18th century, the island was not very inhabited. The reason it is today is because of the Norweigan invasion of the Jacobites. The Norweigan army invaded, and many of the Jacobites fled north to what was then called Orkney island.
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Geneva is a small Swiss city. Not much actually happened here, other than Frankenstein of course. During the 18th century, this city, along with many others, had come underthe rule of catholic France. Geneva was initially part of the French rule, but after the Napoleonic Wars the French admitted Geneva into the Swiss confederation.
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