Malvern Book Fair

December 2015

Book Fair Schedule

Preview Mode December 7-8, please checkout this schedule to learn when your class should come. Students will leave with a wish list and a flier about book fair. Only adults (teachers, parents, etc.) will be invited to purchase books on these days.

Shopping Mode December 9-10, please send students with money (if you have a chance to check please make sure students have AT LEAST $1 before coming down). Students may come individually or in small groups, but please try to spread student visits out during the day. I know many students will want to come FIRST thing in the morning, but this leads to chaos when we get too many. This year when it gets to crazy we will send students back with a "please return later" message if it gets too crazy.

Student Book Checkout: Students will be aloud to checkout books during this time as long as we have the manpower to monitor this. If Book Fair gets overwhelming I hope you understand if we send students back with a "please return another time" message.

Teacher Shopping

PLEASE support our book fair! Money from the book fair goes to support Malvern's Learning Commons, and the library collection. If you are shopping for books this holiday season, please make this your first stop. Teachers are offered a buy 3, get 1 free promotion!

I also encourage teachers to visit the book fair and complete a wish list (with volunteers and parents coming in, you never know who might buy you a book!) and a book tag noting books you recommend to students.

Winter Extravaganza

Thursday December 10, 5-8pm is Malvern's Winter Extravaganza. Please encourage families and students to attend! This evening family event features our choral concert, the book fair and opportunities for photos with Santa and Mrs. Clause.